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What is Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

hypoallergenic dog food mixed breed dog Recent reports say that more and more dogs are suffering from food allergy. This has caused a growing concern among dog owners for fear that their pets might not survive this health ordeal.

And for that, researchers have come up with Hypoallergenic Dog Food Products and Recipes to keep dogs healthy and allergy free.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food has ingredients that are designed to work gently with your Dog’s natural digestive system.

It does away with grains like Corn, Wheat, and Oatmeal that are not easy to digest for your Dog’s stomach.

As a result, this food is easily digested and the nutrients are easily absorbed by your dog.

What are usually contained in Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

Basically, Hypoallergenic Dog Food contains what are included in the average Dog Food.

Some of these include Venison Meat, Rabbit, Salmon, and Duck instead of Chicken, Pork and Lamb which are the leading causes of dog food allergy.

Such food items are typically made with limited ingredients, novel ingredients, and hypoallergenic recipes. Limited ingredients contain fewer components which make it easier to pin down the suspected allergen that is attacking your dog. Novel ingredients are those which your dog might not have been previously exposed to which means that these have not caused them allergies yet. Hypoallergenic recipes are those that avoid the use of ingredients that might likely cause allergies. These include beef, dairy, chicken, lamb, corn, fish, wheat, yeast, and soy.

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More specifically, giving your dog Hypoallergenic Dog Food means:

  • There is a reduction in the frequency and severity of the symptoms of your dog’s food allergy.
  • It is good for the overall health of your dog. This is because hypoallergenic dog food already contains the proper balance of nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy.
  • These also contain grain free ingredients which are not difficult to digest food for your dog.
  • Additionally, there are no fillers that are said to have adverse effects on your dog’s overall health.
  • You dog can also stay at a healthy weight. It will have a thick and dense coat and is not too heavy or obese for its age.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food also is beneficial to your Dog’s Digestive System.

It helps them prevent constipation or loose bowel movement. If your Dog has a healthier coat and digestive system, this means there will be less frequent visits to the vet and more savings for you.

Your Dog becomes happier and more active. Hypoallergenic Dog Food is widely available in the market today. You can ask your dog’s veterinarian for any advice with what dog food brand is the best to try.

You can start giving it in small amounts to your dog and if you see that your pet likes it and its health improves, then you can give it to him everyday.

Is Your Dog Allergic to Food? 

english-setter-dog-hypoallergenic dog food centerDogs are not unlike humans, they too are often subjected to various allergic reactions owing to the environment but mostly from the food they eat. If this is your dog, then perhaps you want to consider diverting from your normal dog food into a hypoallergenic dog food to give your pet some breathing space from allergic reactions and live a fuller life.

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Allergic to the Food you are feeding them:

The best indicator to realize if your dog is allergic will be digestive problems like vomiting and diarrhea, there might also be some skin irritation involved. If you see any markings on your dogs skin or bald patches, that is a clear indication that your dog has developed an allergy.

What Options Are Available?

Just like any other human being or dog for that matter, your pet might develop an allergy from a variety of ingredients he ingests and there is no way of really telling to which one he is allergic to. So, the best way to prevent this is to:

  1. Provide your dog with food you prepared yourself, lovingly prepared and completed right at home, just make sure that you don’t use ingredients that are in your dog’s previous diet or
  2. Give your pet store-bought Hypoallergenic Dog Food, either way, you eliminate the allergens that are hurting your dog.

If you are opting to buy Hypoallergenic Food for your Dogs, you actually have a number of options and each one has it’s own advantage, so you can take your pick choosing what you think is the best for you pet in consideration of overall nutritional content, actual ingredients as well as cost.

 Is It Safe?

More often than not, companies who manufacture these types of food do not utilize components that will trigger allergic reactions in your pets.  Mostly, they will be made up of natural ingredients and will contain no added chemicals or preservatives to ensure negative allergic reactions.  They also tend not to contain meat extenders that also oftentimes elicit allergic reactions, so you can be assured of its safety.

However, if you want to be sure, it is best to procure these products from reputable suppliers, and you might also want to consider buying a more popular brand versus a virtual unknown with no reputation to protect.

Lately, the demand for this type of food has increased mainly because of an increase in the incidence of dog food allergies and many manufacturers in the dog food industry developed a variety of formulations to combat allergies and provide your dogs with hypoallergenic food. They are readily available in the market and you can easily avail them in your local pet store, vet or through online orders.

It is highly recommended for pet owners to shift their pet’s diet should they notice signs of allergy.  You can also choose to consult a vet to determine which type of Hypoallergenic dog food you need, shifting to a different type of food, chicken to beef for example, can also help in determining where  your dog is allergic from.

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Home Made Hypoallergenic Dog Food, Are They Good Enough?

home-made-hypoallergenic-dog-foodBuying dog food can be quite expensive as well as the recall of many dog food from the market including the more popular brands, many pet owners are opting to feed their beloved dogs Home Made Hypoallergenic Dog Food, perhaps a wiser and even cheaper decision, but are they good enough for your active dog?

Indeed a pressing question remains, does your home prepared meal contain the right nutrition for them to stay active and healthy? You might consider preparing your dog’s meal in the house can be a healthier option.

Doing so ensures that your dog gets the freshest meal as well avoid the preservatives packed with a can of dog food. You need to realize though that cooking your dog’s meal in the house is not as easy as it seems, that is, if you want to keep them at their optimum health and avoid future health problems for your dog.

Nowadays there are products in the Market that have been prepared like Home Made Dog Foods. You can buy them at you favourite Grocery Shops and Pet Food Supplies.

Watch this Video below:

Credit to Jamie Gonzales for this Video

Here are some things to take into consideration in preparing Dog Food at Home

Daily Diet Rudiments

Your precious pet’s meal should contain protein, carbohydrates, multivitamins, as well as minerals and some fat. Protein plays a vital role in your pet’s growth and can even play an important role in his immune system.

So make sure that your home-made dog food contains plenty of meat, including those that come from beef, chicken and even fish. But take note of each food variety coz they might be allergic to one of the said ingredients.

You should also include poultry products like egg and milk. Carbs on the other hand is your dog’s source of energy, so make sure you include carb sources in your food.

Many pet nutritionists believe that grains are not as easily digested by your dog’s stomach, so they recommend sweet potatoes as well as pumpkins as a source of carbs in your dog’s diet. Vitamins and minerals on the other hand can be procured through a variety of vegetable and fruit combination.

It is said that dark green veggies help detoxify minerals that permits your dog to fight off a variety of degenerative illnesses. Fat or oil is your dog’s main energy source, so make sure you feed them some fat.  The most recommended source of good fat is the fish oil that contains omega 3 fatty acids, a known element that helps the body regain or maintain it’s good health.

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What You Need To Avoid

Your dog’s body differ from your own, so what you would naturally take in may not necessarily be natural for them. Food like chocolate, macadamia nuts, avocados, grapes, coffee and the likes should be avoided, although they can be given to your dog in minute quantity but if you give them in large doses, you might find yourself faced with a more difficult problem that your dog’s diet.

The Bottom Line

Feeding your dog Homemade Hypoallergenic Dog Food can be quite a rewarding task, you do need to ensure though that you are giving your dog the best diet they can possibly have and not just feed them what’s on the table lest you want to have bigger problems on your hand in the end.

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Grain-Free Hypoallergenic Dog Food

hypoallergenic grain free dog-food-market-saleLoving your pet dog is just like loving any other family member. You think not just about their personal needs but you also consider the best kinds for each of these personal needs, including food.

Since dogs too have the risk of suffering from food allergy, whether they are already old or still pups, you have to make sure that everything they get is safe for their tummy.

There are many ways of ensuring they get the right kind of food which include personally preparing the food, buying the best and most expensive brands, and getting the advice from your dog’s veterinarian. However, a surer and more inexpensive way is to find hypoallergenic puppy food or grain free dog food.

Here is a Video that gives you more information on how to make Grain-Free Dog Food at home. Enjoy

Why is your dog at risk for food allergy?

Food allergy is often mistaken for food intolerance. While the latter is a digestive disorder, the former is more of an immune disorder wherein the stomach of the dog recognizes a certain food as harmful to its body. As a result, it fights off the invasion of this so-called ‘harmful’ food which is exhibited through vomiting, nausea, and itching. By letting your dog take in Grain-Free Food you are protecting him from such food allergy.

What is grain free dog food?

Grain Free Dog Food is food for your canine that does not contain corn, oats, wheat, and rice but is instead made of healthier ingredients like fish and healthy meat.

Why is grain not good for your dog?

Grains are basically more difficult to digest for your dog’s tummy. This is because dogs are carnivores and carnivores produce amylase only in the small intestines when the food is broken down into smaller bits for digestion. Unlike herbivores and omnivores whose amylase is produced in the saliva, digestion begins later for dogs which means grains may not be digested. Furthermore, amylase is important for breaking down carbohydrates into simple sugars beginning in the mouth but since this starts only in the small intestines of dogs, it can already be difficult to break these carbohydrates down.

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What are the benefits of grain free dog food?

Grain free dog food has a lot of benefits for your dog’s digestion and general well-being. These include:

  • Less waste
  • Less shedding that leads to healthier and thicker coats
  • Less prone to allergy and experience better health
  • More energy
  • Better breath
  • Decreased food intake

If you pet is only a pup, you might want to take a look at the nutritional content of the grain free dog food that you are buying since pups and adults do not have the same capacity and ability to digest the food that they take.

Wellness Hypoallergenic Dog Food 

hypoallergenic-dog-food-heart-shapeWhat is Wellness Dog Food?

Most pet owners will agree that they love their pets and is actively looking for the best dog food to feed their beloved family member.  So if you are looking for the best dog food for your new addition to the family or an old companion, it is best to understand that feeding them requires knowing the right food combination to make the best out their lives.

Wellness Hypoallergenic Dog Food, takes care of your pet, whether he’s small puppy or an older version.  They offer a variety of dog food to meet the requirements of your dog at whatever age.

For Small Breed Dogs

Small breed dogs tend to be active and energetic, so for these breeds, it is necessary to provide them with food that provides them with more calories since these types usually have higher metabolic rates.

They also require fiber to help regulate sugar from their tummies because these dogs are prone to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, in this regard the fiber will help in regulating the absorption of sugar ensuring a steady and slow absorption rather than one full swoop.

If the puppy doesn’t eat regularly during the day, the risk for the condition is heightened. Wellness Dog Food have dog food variants fit for the needs of your little puppy ensuring that they stay at their optimum health.

A well-balanced meal, complete with protein, fat and carbs to meet your small dogs energy demands can give your dog his best meal yet.

One may also discover that the size of the mouth of your dog was also taken into consideration, so the small breed variant of dog food has small kibble sizes to ensure that your dog will not have a hard time-consuming the food.

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Transitioning Your Pet To New Food

Regardless of the brand of dog food you are using, if you decide to change your dog’s diet intake, it is important to transition him slowly from the current diet lest you want to handle some digestive problems with your dog.

The best way to transition is to gradually mix the new food with the old over a one week period, slowly decreasing the amount of the old food and increasing the number of the new daily until you get to a hundred percent on the 7th day.

The Verdict

hypoallergenic-dog-food-commercialWhat to ultimately feed your dog is always a hefty decision especially if they are considered as members of your family and not just simply pets.

You want to provide the best quality food you can give them and that is not always an easy task with the many choices you have in the market as well as the option to simply feed him scraps from your own table or cook him his own meal.

What is important is that you realize the nutritional need of your dog and take steps to fulfill it, if you have a small breed dog, then perhaps the Wellness Dog food variety is your best bet to ensure that your dog is well fed and kept at his optimum health.

Giving the right Hypoallergenic Dog Food  to your pet is tantamount to loving it and giving it the best that you can afford. Your dog simply deserves the best so never settle for anything less.

Lastly, I want to share another Video which shows another way to prepare Hypoallergenic Dog Food at Home.