Acana Dog Food Review

Acana Dog Food: All About The Brand

The Acana Dog Food brand is being produced under the Champion Petfoods name. The company has been in the business for almost 40 years. Their products are available in a number of countries. The brand prides in the production of “Biologically Sppropriate” Pet Food. This means that the Dog’s natural diet is preserved because Acana is rich in protein and is free of preservatives. It’s guaranteed to be made only from the freshest ingredients.

acana-dog-food-review Acana has three main products: Classic’s, Regionals and Singles. Each one differs in content, most notably in terms of protein levels. All of which, however, are Kibbles.

The Acana is probably one of the most affordable Dog Food Brands. Pet owners can rest assured that the meat used to produce the Dog Food is free of Antibiotics and Hormone Enhancers. It also comes from fresh livestock. Their poultry, for example, are raised in a free-roam environment and fed a natural diet.

 Acana claims to use the meat in its freshest form. This means that meat is never frozen. Now, it is common among manufacturers to use dry processed ingredients because these can be conveniently stored for a longer period of time compared to fresh ones.

Aside from convenience, companies also gain more by saving in terms of resources. Though this is convenient for them, the Dog Food that is being produced suffers in quality. This is not the case with Acana.

Aside from the meat, the product’s protein content is also boosted from peas. It also serves as a source for carbohydrates.

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It should be noted that this ingredient is becoming more and more popular among Dog Food producers. This is because it serves as a replacement for Grains. Although this vegetable is rich in fiber, pet owners should be aware that this could also trigger digestive problems and diarrhea.

This might come as a surprise for some, but Acana also boasts of having Carbohydrate-Limited Dog Food. Contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t actually benefit from carbohydrates. This is why any Carbohydrate-Rich ingredient serves more as filler than anything else. An excess in carbohydrates could also increase the chances of obesity and diabetes among pets.

Food_All_Acana-dog-fod Instead of the usual sources of grain, Acana uses steel-cut oats. The latter does not cause sugar levels to shoot up because it is digested slowly.

This means that the nutrients enter the bloodstream gradually instead of all at once. Because of the Low Glycemic index of steel-cut oats, it serves as the main grain ingredient in all of Acana’s Dog Food. The Grains are locally grown as well.

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It should also be taken into consideration that Acana actually produces its own Dog Food. They do not just distribute it. Only the freshest ingredients are steam-cooked in its kitchens. The company also claims that no water is added in the process. The ingredients are slow cooked in their own juices in order to preserve flavor.

Overall, Acana is a brand that can be trusted. Aside from its good reputation, it has also won its share of awards which prove its competence in the manufacturing of Dog Food.

Here is a video of Champion Pet Foods to give you an idea about the Company that Manufactures Acana Dog Food  and judge for yourself if this is the kind of food you want to feed your Pets.

Finally, this is a Video by Pet Solutions explaining the benefits of using Acana Dog Foods. As explained in the Video by Dr. Brown, Acana is one of the leading Grain-Free Pet Foods trsusted by Dog owners and per lovers around the Globe.


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