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A Closer Look At Acana Dog Food

It is not often that you find great food to feed your dogs, more often than not they are just poor representations of what your dogs actually need, here is where Acana Dog Food seems to differ from the rest. The process to produce high quality food for your dogs including fresh whole meat as well as potatoes and even oats, indeed a good combination for your dogs optimum health. These days indeed it is hard to find a good quality dog food since most are just poor meat substitute, meat scraps and they can contain very little nutrition for your pet.

Acana profess to be different, so come, let’s take a closer look.

Who Makes Acana Dog Food?


This dog food line is manufactured by Champion Petfoods, a Canadian company specializing in manufacturing pet foods, they are also the maker of Orijen, another top quality pet food.  With this reputable company making Acana, you can be sure that they are indeed top quality food to serve to your beloved pet dog.

What Makes It Up?

Champion Petfoods certifies that they only make use of the freshest ingredients to ensure quality in each bag of dog food. So you can be sure that the main ingredient in the Acana Dog Food, the chicken meal, only comes from the freshest source, it is made up of deboned chicken meat as well as potatoes and oats, whole eggs, peas ad flounder. Other added ingredients include some chicken fat, chicken liver and liver oil, a healthy source of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acid.

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There are 3 variants of Acana to choose from, the Acana Classics, the Acana Regionals and the Acana Singles and depending on the variation you pick you will have around 35-65% of meat with an average of around 34% protein mixed with 19 percent fat, and 39 percent carbs. In comparison to other dog foods available in the market these days, this line shows as a cut above the rest, depicting an above average fat and protein levels.


Regardless of the protein boost from vegetables that provide protein, one may realize that protein that comes from meat is still a choice for many pet owners, saying that this type of food is first and foremost adored by their dogs, perhaps because it is tastier, as well as provide their dog with more quality protein mainly because they see the difference in the dogs overall health and stature if they consume more meat.

In the end, keep in mind that no dog food, regardless of it’s perceived quality will be right for your dog at all times.  You need to take into consideration your pet’s lifestyle, or perhaps even your own, as well as your pet’s age and health condition.  Acana Dog Food and all it’s variants may have a product line that is appropriate for your dog’s particular needs but you do need to do your due diligence in order to ensure that you are picking the right food for you dog.

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