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It is health that is real wealth. This is repeated so many times over in the past and it will still be in the future because it is really important. As much as our health is important, our dog’s health is also essential. We only want the best for our dogs.

Talking about dogs, Alpo Dog Food is one food brand offered by Purina. Purina is actually owned by Nestle U.S. facilities. This food brand is mostly offered in cans but they have dry formula now. Alpo is noticeable in any stocks due to the packaging’s red color. Because the packaging is mostly dominated by the red color distinguishing the flavors can be difficult for anyone. Still, the price is one of the cheapest among many other brands.

Alpo Dog Food            Alpo Dog Food is considered a low-quality food brand that some reviewers couldn’t even give it a star. There are reasons for this and all of them seem to be justifiable.

Alpo Dog Food Ingredients

First and foremost, the ingredients in this dog food are really not something a pet owner would feed his dog – or any living being. The primary ingredient of Alpo is corn.

Corn is not so bad but aside from its energy content, it is only of modest nutritional value. Some dogs also have allergies caused by corn. Because of this, quality food brands don’t include corn in their product. Another ingredient is meat and bone meal which came from dried animal tissues including bones but not blood, hair, hoof, horn, or stomach.

Alpo have pork and beef flavors. Beef is more easily digestible. Still, this is not a source of quality protein even though others claim that they have way more protein than fresh meat. Alpo also has soybean meal which is a by-product of soybean oil production and commonly fed to farm animals.

This is another source of low-quality protein. Another ingredient present in this product is garlic. Garlic may be good for humans but it may cause anemia in dogs.

All of these ingredients make Alpo loaded with carbohydrates but less protein. One must really read the ingredients before buying any food product, both for you and your dogs.

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            Another disturbing reason why Alpo is not recommendable is the use of artificial colors. Any buyer can read this from the label. It has Yellow 5 and 6, Blue 2, and Red 40, all artificial colors. It’s really disappointing because these colors are rumored to be toxic as they came from far. Apparently, they want to make the product more appealing but why should they?

Humans are the only ones who are fond of colors in their food anyway. Dogs seem not to care about the appearance of their food as long as it’s tasty for them.

Alpo has a lot of by-products, fillers, and chemical substances we cannot even pronounce. This is the reason for their latest recall in 2007. Remember when people became paranoid over the presence of melamine in their food? It’s a big issue that year.

All products are being tested for the presence of melamine. Well, Alpo apparently also had this in their product.  This came from the wheat gluten they obtained from an unnamed Chinese company. No matter the reason, people just can’t trust this product anymore.

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          What Customers Say about AlpoDog Food

Best Alpo Dog Food This list seems to go on and on. Many customer reviews show that after taking Alpo Dog Food, their dogs had dry skin, itching, diarrhea, vomiting, and just plainly ill. They had to bring their pets to veterinarians and that certainly cost money.

The complaints and incidents are too numerous to be a hoax. Nonetheless, some owners are still feeding this to their dog primarily because it’s cheap. But owners who prefer quality dog food instantly switched to other brands after trying out Alpo for the first time.

For all the reasons mentioned above, Alpo Dog Food is certainly not in the top of the list of premium quality dog foods. List of ingredients cannot tell all but pet owners should be aware of what they feed to their dogs.

Alpo has some protein, fat, and a lot of carbohydrates. It’s like eating French fries. It tastes good but it’s not healthy in the long run. Alpo Dog Food might be good occasionally but most customers cannot see this as a daily diet for any dog.

This product may be a lot cheaper compared with other brands but you are not sure what you will get in exchange for that price.

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