Blue Dog Food Review: Is it Worth Buying or Just A Waste of Money?

Blue Dog Food Review

The Blue Dog is one of the probably the best brand of dog food available out there. We are not trying to play it as our favorite but the facts have it!

In this review, we are going to substantiate  our allegations and show you why we are making that shocking claim.

blue-dog-food-reviewThen afterwards you will now make your own decision whether it is worth spending your dime on this product or not.

The Blue Dog Food is a collection of 13 different recipes that are almost similar only that they differ slightly in the nutrients that make them and that are what brings out the difference.

Shockingly, 11 out of the possible 13 recipes are said to have met the AAFCO Standards. This is one of the major reasons why we are claiming that this brand stands out from the rest and therefore is the best.

The following list gives you a glimpse of all the varieties of recipes available for this type of dog food;

  1. Blue wildness senior
  2. Wildness small Breed
  3. Wilderness healthy weight
  4. Wilderness adult small bite
  5. Wilderness duck recipe adult
  6. Wilderness large breed puppy
  7. Wilderness Salmon recipe adult
  8. Wilderness chicken recipe adult
  9. Wilderness chicken recipe puppy
  10. Wilderness chicken large breed adult
  11. Wilderness large breed senior
  12. Wilderness chicken recipe adult toy breed
  13. Wilderness large breed adult

In this review we will focus solely on Blue Wilderness Chicken large breed adult so that we can know if this type of recipe will be fit for your lovely dog.

In terms of percentage composition, this recipe has 36% protein ,31 % fats and 33 % carbohydrates.

The following is an in-depth look at the ingredients that are found in this recipe which will enable you to make a pre-informed decision before you dig deep into your pockets to spend on this product.

1. Chicken

It is crucial to note that raw chicken has 80 % of water but when exposed to higher temperatures by the act of cooking the effect is that there is a decrease in mass as compared to the original mass.

2. Chicken Meal

Chicken meal or commonly known meat concentrate is normally popular by its high composition of proteins. It is this protein rich that will enable your puppy to build body mass rapidly.

3. Turkey Meal

This is also another protein rich ingredient that is important for the holistic development of your puppy.

4.  Peas

This is a quality source of carbohydrates. Besides, they are also very rich in fiber content .It must also be noted that they have 25% of protein which again must be considered before determining the meat content in dog food.

5. Tapioca Starch

This is a gluten-free, starchy carbohydrate which traces its origin to the roots of the cassava plant.

6. Chicken fat

Chicken fat is very rich in linoleic acid and Omega-6 fatty acids which is very important in supporting the life of any creature and therefore good for your dog.

7. Tomato Pomace

This is an ingredient that is like a bone of contention since many people argue that it has no nutritional value and is just nutritional filler.

8. Dried Egg

This ingredient is rich in calcium and is made by crashing the shells of used eggs.

9. Potato

blue-wilderness-dog-food-reviewThese are obviously very good sources of carbohydrates fiber too.

There are lots of other ingredients that are contained in this recipe but the above ones are the most common and most crucial ingredients.

The other elements that have not been accounted for hold no significant role in the Blue dog food except for the following four ingredients:

1. Flaxseed

These are the best plant sources for omega-3 fatty acids and can also be the best source of soluble fiber. However, due to the fact that they have 19% of protein, this issue must be considered when determining the meat content of dog food.

2. Alfafa

Though it has high protein and fiber content (18% and 25% respectively),they are more suitable in horse feeds rather than on dog feeds.

3. Caramel

This coloring pigment has been found to be a cause of cancer in laboratory animals and hence is not suitable to be used as a dog food for long periods of time.

4. Chelated Minerals

These refer to minerals that have been attached to proteins and the effect is that the proteins become easily absorbed into the system of the pet therefore shortage which in turn leads to an imbalance in nutrients in the body.

Most customers who bought this product were satisfied with the way their dogs were doing. They highly recommend this product saying it is an above average product and will encourage anyone to buy it.

We would also like to recommend this product because of the trusted brand and high customer ratings.




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