Burns Dog Food Review

What is Burns Dog Food?

If you’re looking for a natural food source for your pet, then  Burns Dog Food can stand as one of your choices. John Burns, the founder, was one of the first people who insisted on the shift to natural dog food in the United Kingdom.

He was pushed to create his own dog food when he noticed that most of the store-bought brands had low quality ingredients. He refused to put his pet’s health at risk because of a poor diet. His brand, Burns Pet Nutrition, has been in the business for 20 years. It specializes in dry dog food.


Burns Dog Food Ingredients

The four main ingredients of Burns Dog Food are brown rice, meat meal, oats and peas. Much of these ingredients is easy to digest and is rich in fiber. However, it should be noted that dogs don’t exactly gain much from carbohydrate-rich ingredients.

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This is because grains don’t have a place in this animal’s natural diet. Some pet owners would even go as far to claim that such ingredients only serve as fillers.

Why Choose Burns Dog Food?

 Burns’ Formula has meat meal as the main source of protein. On the plus side, this is a good thing because meat meal actually contains a greater amount of protein when compared to regular meat. The inclusion of peas should also be noted since they also serve as an additional source of protein.

Burns won’t probably be a pet owner’s first choice, especially if the Grain to Meat ratio is taken into consideration.

Generally, dogs need a protein-rich diet. This cannot be achieved through feeding a Burns Dog Food because it is made mostly of grains. The grain content is believed to be at 70 percent. Although these grains are of high quality, they won’t do much in the long run.

Of course, there is also an upside to this. Since Burns contains a minimal amount of Protein and Fat, this means that it is ideal for Dogs with Sensitive Palates. The chances of dietary intolerance are low with Burns dog food. Also, it is guaranteed to be Hypoallergenic.

If you’re looking to cut corners, you might be able to save a lot with the use of Burns because its recommended portions are significantly smaller when compared to its competitors. This means that a single purchase of Burns could last longer.

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The Verdict


 The final decision still rests on the pet owners. If you are on a tight budget, then Burns could be added to your list of options. This is also holds true if you own a fragile dog. However, if you want to give the best the dog food market has to offer, then it is strongly suggested that you look elsewhere.

Burns Dog Food may be made of good quality and natural ingredients, but it is lacking in the protein department.

Protein should be a top priority in a dog’s diet. The high content of brown rice should also be taken into consideration.

Rice can be dangerous because of arsenic. In order to avoid any risks, dogs shouldn’t be given large portions of rice in their daily diet.

Below are Video Reviews to help you better understand the advantages of Burns dog Food and make a decision if this is the right choice for your Pets:

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