Canidae Dog Food Review

We, the Pet People

Living a finite life yet a life it is capable of change, many people tried to live a life that tries to make a change for the better. While others do so personally if not for others, some did so for our beloved pets – our Dogs.

Claiming themselves the “Pet People,” the people behind the Canidae Dog brand is just that – people who love Dogs as pets as others do.

Candidate Dog Food Humble History

Canidae Dog brandWhat started out as a simple practice for their own pets—that is, feeding them personally made recipe of Dog Foods—it slowly went into business when it reached the shelves at a certain South California feed store sometime around 1996.

Now officially a business brand after 20 years now since, Canidae remains an independent, family owned brand to this day. Every product sold under their brand is a tried-and-tested formula which their pets themselves eat for food – talk about quality-checking prior to the products’ selling!

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What’s in Candidae Dog Food Products?

With 2 decades of good working operation in business, Canidae has already produced many products as categorized into two: Grain-free Dog Food products and the All Stages Dog Food products.

The grain-free variants, while each differing in their own recipes and concoctions have one thing in common as a Dog Food product – they do not contain grains. This follows on the trend that says that grains can cause some Dogs allergies when taken as food. Not necessarily composed of 100% meat, every package of any of these grain-free variants may differ with the added contents with the meat which provides variety to the Pet.

With variety as its theme, Dog Owners can now feed their Pet with many Canidae products to complete their pet’s day, week, month, or a year of ever-changing diet – there’s no need to stick to the same old, existing diet. Canidae’s grain-free variants are intended for either meal—dry or wet—or snacks, along with other considerations that may fit a particular Pet.

Yet, on the other hand, if you are looking for a Dog Food that you can feed to your Pet all throughout of its life stages, Canidae has also developed the “Life Stages” brand which is good for feeding for Dogs starting from puppy stage up to its later stages, until its senior years. Now there’s a Dog Food you know that fits your pet’s growth which can be maintained by variety.

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canidae dog foodIf your Pet is the kind which is neither picky, allergic, nor intolerant to certain food ingredients, choosing the Life Stages variant is an easy answer to some Dog owners most common and recurring question: “What should my Dog eat?”

The Common Factors

Although separated into two classes based on two unique, identifying factors about choosing a particular Dog Food for our Pet, both the Grain-free and Life Stages variants have similarities in the nutrients they contain for our Dogs’ to consume and use for their overall wellness and well-being.

Specifically, both product variants have similarities with the following:

  • Probiotics – for an overall healthy digestion of your Dog
  • Antioxidants – for a healthy immune system and prevention of diseases
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – for an overall beautiful skin and coat

Canidae Versus Other Brands

While it does not claim itself to be an expert in its field like some other brands of its kind would, Canidae is nonetheless a brand that is with effectivity in business likely rooted in solid marketing as well as a solid customer base among its sphere of influence.

Canidae, as reflected by its product, is probably a perfect example of a business which started out from humble beginnings but has slowly made its firm entrenchment in a market it should know best – Dogs. Who, after all, is a better judge of Dog Foods than Dogs themselves, apart from their owners?

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