Cesar Canine Cuisine Dog Food Review

Is Cesar Canine Cuisine Worth Buying?

While some may find it unlikely for a candy manufacturer as big as Mars to not be concerned with anything else apart from what it is produce best—candies—may find himself in a surprise that such company could also venture in manufacturing Dog Food products under its own label – Cesar.

Cesar Canine Cuisine Dog FoodCompany Information

The Cesar Canine Cuisine Dog Food line-up is owned by Mars, Incorporated, a worldwide renowned candy manufacturer in the US. Wholly owned by the Mars family, the Mars, Inc. has its headquarters at McClean, Virginia but whose pet care division is situated at Franklin, Tennessee. In addition to Cesar Canine Cuisine, Mars, Inc. also owns Nutro, Pedigree, and the Royal Canin Dog Food brands.

For its successes, the company has not established many manufacturing facilities for its products all throughout the US, parts of Canada, as well as in Europe.

Product Overview

Dog FoodWhat started out as a Dog food product based in pate has now grown into a variety which could potentially overwhelm first time Dog owners in finding the right feed for their pet. Dog owners now may choose for their Dogs among varieties from ranging from treats, sunrise breakfast, savory delights, gourmet fillets in sauce, canned meat, and puppy & senior Dog foods.

The Cesar Canine Cuisine line-up of Dog Foods, however, is not your ordinary Dog Food which refrains from certain ingredients labeled as “potentially harmful or allergenic” to Dogs. Call it radical or simply having a stern belief of its own for this time, but of many Dog Food products, Cesar Canine Cuisine is only a few which boldly claims to have used meat and poultry by-products as its ingredients.

According to AAFCO, a meat by-product is:
“The non-rendered, clean parts, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. It includes, but is not limited to, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone, partially defatted low-temperature fatty tissue and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents. It does not include hair, horns, teeth and hooves.”

Luckily, it is not as bad as it seems only if your pet does not have a sensitive tummy to itself. Otherwise, meat or poultry by-products could be a concern.

However, if hydration is an issue with your pet e.g. Dogs that do not drink much water as needed, then this product will surely help thanks to its 82% water content as a canned food, a moisture considered already as high for today’s standards.

Not in order, this Dog food product also contains other ingredients that are deemed critical in contributing needed nutrients to your Dog when eaten: animal liver, chicken meat, and wheat flour.

Animal liver is a broad term which may mean a liver innards from any animal possible, like chicken, pig, or cow, etc. However, one thing is true about livers when taken in as food – they are packed full of iron and other essential nutrients that do not only give the Dog the needed health boost but also tastes good for them to make them appetizing as a meal.

It is hard to imagine a Dog Food without protein in it. Therefore, chicken meat is used to cover for the food’s protein content. However, the chicken meat used is a whole chicken so moisture remains intact. Boosting also in the protein aspect are the two by-products, meat and poultry, as well as the wheat gluten, all of which contain significant protein which helps Dogs grow and repair bodily tissues.

Wheat flour, on the other hand, is just used as a filler and provides little to no nutrition at all as part of the overall Dog Food.

This is not to mention of other controversial ingredients that may put off some consumers who are aware of certain ingredients such as the menadione sodium bisulfite complex and sodium tripolyphosphate.

The Verdict

While Mars, Inc. is a company of worldwide success for its candies, it is disappointing and not surprising at the same time that its Dog Food products may contain ingredients that yet to be desired—if at all—to the aware.

If you are a Dog Owner who wants the best for your pet by going as natural as possible with what you give to your pet, then there is a good chance that Cesar Canine Cuisine may not be for your pet and is the reason why the “all-natural” Dog Foods is becoming the trend nowadays. I, myself, would find it hard to recommend this product for any Dog especially knowing the ingredients this particular product contains.

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