Diamond Dog Food: Read This Review Before You Buy

Diamond Dog Food Review

Choosing the right food for your dog can be such a demanding task. About eighty percent of pet owners experience difficulties in choosing the right nutrient for their pets.

diamond-dog-food-review But thank God because you, yes you, don’t have to experience this agony because we have written a fully detailed review of Diamond dog food just for you to know why Diamond dog food is the best brand of dog food that you need to try out.

There is a guarantee that after reading this review and taking action feeding your puppy or dog will be just like clockwork, no experimenting anymore with what does not work!

The Diamonds Dog Food has 12 different recipes as detailed in the list below;

-Naturals seniour dog.
-Naturals adults lite dog.
-Naturals adult chicken and rice
-Naturals extreme athlete
-Naturals small breed puppy
-Naturals large breed puppy
-Naturals small breed adult lamb and rice
-Naturals adult beef meal and rice
-Naturals lamb meal and rice
-Naturals small breed adult chicken and rice
-Naturals large breed adult chicken and rice
-Naturals large breed adult lamb meal and rice

In this review we mainly focus on the small breed adult lamb and rice as a whole representation of the other types of recipes of Diamond dog food.

At a glance, Diamond dog food is made up of 24 percent protein, 35% fat and 41% carbohydrates.

What are the ingredients that make up Diamond Foods small breed adult lamb and rice?

diamond-small-breed-lamb-and-rice-reviewThe following is an in-depth detail of the ingredients that make up this recipe and some of their benefits. The ingredients will act as a perfect guide for you to evaluate Diamond dog food products.

1. Lamb

This is the first ingredient of this recipe. It has a water content of around 80 percent that is before heat is applied on heat by cooking it.

However, after being cooked, there is a drastic change in its content and it constitutes a very small amount when compared to its original mass. Its main nutritional value to your pet is provision of protein supplements that are required for body building.

2. Lamb Meat

This is considered as very rich source of proteins as it accounts for nearly 300 percent of protein nutrients as compared to fresh lamb.

3. Rice flour

A very rich source of carbohydrates, this ingredient is assumed to be the perfect substitute of wheat flour.

4. Barley

This is one major source of fiber and countless other nutrients that are good for your pet’s health. It is also considered to be a very prestigious nutrient in the diet of a Dog.

5. Peas

These are very rich sources of carbohydrates .Besides, they are a very good source of fiber but hilariously, they contain a substantial amount of proteins (25%) and this is the point where controversy sets in on how they become ingredients.

6. Chicken Fat

Obtained by a process known as rendering or extraction from the surface, it is very rich in linoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acid which has always been essential for life since time immemorial.

7. Beet Pulp

This ingredient has formed a subject of discussion among specialist about its suitability in this recipe and is very rich in fiber content.

Most specialists have termed it is a filler and does more damage than build a dog’s nutrition.

We call your attention to the fact that it is controversial to give our verdict that it is generally acceptable and is not such a sin as the specialists are portraying it.

8. Egg Product & Fish Meal

The nutritional value of this ingredient is obvious; proteins. It will help your puppy to be healthier and prevent diseases etc.

The above list is a just a wrap up of the major ingredients that you need to know so that you have the confidence that Diamond dog food is the perfect feed for your dog .

But there are also other ingredients that you may need to factor out when assessing the protein composition of this food for your dog. These are;

1. Flaxseed

One of the richest sources of healthy omega fatty acids but on the other hand contains 19% protein which sounds too tricky but one should just figure out what his/her dog deserves best.

2. Chicory root

Contains 17% protein a factor that needs to be well looked at.

3. Quinoa

Also contains at least 17% protein a critical factor that needs to be considered.


This alters with the percentage of fatty acids and therefore needs to be considered well.

5. Medium-chain Triglycerides

This has been proven to have a cognitive impact on dogs at whatever stage of their lives and hence needs to be taken into consideration too.

 6. Chelated Minerals

These are proteins that are attached to chemicals. The impact here is that they are easy to be absorbed and therefore can create an imbalance in the percentage of proteins.


We highly recommend the use of this product. Customers who had used this product also highly recommend others intending to purchase it to do so because the product delivers what it promises.

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