Dog Allergies: How to Put a Stop to Your Dog’s Scratching

Dog Allergies

Have you seen your Dog scratch itself too often? Do you find much of its hairs falling off due to this constant scratching?

Then, it is very probable that your furry friend is suffering from allergy.

However, before your start asking how it got is allergy when in fact you do not often take him out for a walk, you should understand that allergens are everywhere.

These are present even in your own home.

Allergies among Dogs have become more prevalent these days because of the many components that are present in our air.

This is also the precise reason as to why there are more companies producing Grain Free Dog Food and Hypoallergenic Dog Food


What is hypoallergenic dog food?

Hypoallergenic dog food or hypoallergenic puppy food is especially formulated for your pet so that they do not suffer from food allergies.

It contains ingredients which are proven to be safe for your dogs instead of putting in beef, chicken and pork.

It also does not have grains which are also difficult for your dog to digest.

The problem with your dog having allergies is that it will truly need attention since it would not feel comfortable with all the itching.

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Try to ask your veterinarian about it but here are some suggested products that you use to treat his allergies.
1. Yucca.

Some pet owners may not be very familiar with this medication but this has already been proven effective.

Basically, the Yucca is a natural anti-inflammatory which helps in the normal function of your dog’s immune system.

If taken everyday, it will help the allergy symptoms subside without leaving any side effects.

2. Antihistamines.

If people can take antihistamines to treat allergies, then dogs too can be given such medication.

Benadryl seems to be the most common antihistamine but may only work for certain dogs. To be sure that your dog’s allergies are alleviated, you can give him  Benadryl for instant relief.

This is also aside from giving him wellness dog food.

3. Fatty Acids.

These fatty acids are helpful in terms of decreasing the overreaction of your dog’s immune system but may take a while to take effect. Specifically, it would take about 3 to 6 weeks.

4. Steroids.

If you want the symptoms of your dog’s allergies to be alleviated, then you should consider giving him steroids.

However, do take note that you should not use it too often as its effects are greatly reduced as you use it more frequently.

Should you wish to try it, do start giving the steroid in high doses at the beginning while gradually reducing this as you use it every other day.

This way, you keep your dog away from aggression, frequent urination, having poor haircoat, thinning skin, and irritability which are the product’s known side effects.

Aside from these medications, you can surely give your dogs hypoallergenic dog food recipes that you can even prepare at home.

Home-made hypoallergenic dog food is a cheaper option for you.

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