Grain Free Chicken and Turkey Dry Dog Food by Whole Earth Farms

Price: $$$   Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5  Size: 25 lbs.

Grain-free Dog Food is now becoming the popular choice of Dog owners who want only the best and healthiest food for their Pets. That is why Whole Earth Farm has created the Grain-free Chicken and Turkey Dry Dog Food because your Dog deserves nothing less than the best. It is made from only the healthiest and most natural ingredients from the earth and turned into a healthy daily meal for your Dog. Cute Dog

It has the right balance of meat and vegetables that provide your Dog the energy, vitamins and minerals to keep them strong. The added great news is that it is made in the USA and does not contain any ingredients from China.

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As already stated, Whole Earth Farm boasts of using only the best ingredients the earth has to offer. Through research and science, it has found the healthiest and most useful ingredients that meet your Dog’s growth needs.

The main ingredient is chicken meal. Chicken meal is derived from chicken, of course, but it comes from various parts. According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), chicken meal is the result of the combination of chicken flesh and skin which may or may not come with the bones. However, you can be assured that the feathers, headGrain Free Chicken and Turkey Dry Dog Food by Whole Earth Farms and feet do not go into the meal. What is interesting about chicken meal is that it has a higher content of protein because much of the water has already been removed during the process.

Another meat ingredient in this Dog Food is turkey. Turkey meat may seem similar to chicken. And yes, that may be true because of the fact that both are meats and provide the needed protein for your Dog. Also, turkey contains nutrients that are essential to your Dog’s development and overall wellness.

A third ingredient is chicken fat. Chicken fat may not sound good to some people but it is actually good for your Dog—provided he gets it in moderation. It gives your Dog energy and a great array of essential nutrients. It has been proven that fat has positive effects on the Dog’s immune system and helps him in terms of stress response. More than that, the essential fatty acids help in his development, as well as in reproduction and in achieving a healthier coat.

Another ingredient is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are as good for Dogs as they are for humans. It contains the antioxidant called beta-carotene. This is then converted into Vitamin A while in your Dog’s body which can help him fight off cancer as well as an array of other diseases. As these crops are rich in manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, and iron, it is low in sodium making it healthy for your Dog.

Still another healthy ingredient is salmon oil which helps prevent your Dog from getting eczema, poor immune system, poor coat, allergies and gout to mention a few. This is because salmon oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. Also, this oil helps in the mental development of puppies and fetuses. It also promotes a healthy heart, prevents kidney failure, and many forms of cancer.

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food also has peas which is a great alternative to using grains in your Dog’s food. Peas have a great balance of fats, carbohydrates, and protein which work together to giving your Dog good health. Peas also promote a healthy digestive system for your Dog because they contain resistant starch, soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

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Customer Reviews:

Grain Free Chicken and Turkey Dry Dog FoodA lot of customers have tried Whole Earth Farms’ Dog Food and they vouch for its quality.

One Dog owner said that she had long been feeding her Dog expensive Dog Food and through her research, she was convinced that this product is way better than the rest. There are more healthy ingredients and the quality is not compromised. Even at its very affordable price, she is sure that her Dog is getting only the best.

Another customer says that her Dog used to have allergies and after she tried this Dog Food (at her sister’s recommendation), she noticed that her Dog immediately stopped chewing on his skin. She is very happy.(Read More reviews of This Product)

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Bottom line:

Every Dog product is the result of extensive research. And because of that, they usually come in high prices. However, that is not the case of Whole Earth Farms because they use only what is natural—what the earth can offer. With this Dog Food, you get double the nutrients and benefits for half the price. There has also been no history of recall of this product.

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