Grain-free Pure Sea Salmon and Mackerel Formula Adult Wet Dog Food by Canidae

Price: $$$      Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5       Size: 13 oz. 12 pack

Canidae understands the plight of Dog owners when they know that their Dogs are not eating well and are not getting the right nutrition. That is why it has come up with the Salmon and Mackerel Formula adult Dog Food that is grain free so that Pet owners won’t have to worry ever again. pomeranians cute dogThis amazing product uses fish as its main ingredient and source of protein. Plus, it is grain-free and uses only limited ingredients to help prevent allergies in your Dog. And for your Dog’s delicate taste, it comes in various flavors simmered in broth.

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Speaking of using fish as its main ingredient, Canidae Salmon and Mackerel Formula adult Dog Food uses salmon and a variety of limited ingredients to give your Dog the best nutrition.

Foremost, it uses salmon as it is rich in key nutrients and is excellent for Dogs. It provides the necessary protein for your Pet. Its omega 3 fatty acids help your Dog become strong and healthy and promote a good heart health. More than that, this lean fish helps develop your Dog’s brain making him smarter.

Another ingredient of this Dog Food is chicken. This meat is known to be another great source of protein.

Grain-free Pure Sea Salmon and Mackerel Formula Adult Wet Dog Food by CanidaeStill another ingredient is potatoes. Potatoes grow underground so they are known to have more minerals compared to rice. Also, it is very low in fat—almost fat free.

It is rich in magnesium, potassium, chromium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Additionally, it is also rich in Vitamin C and a lot of the B vitamins. Plus, potatoes provide your Dog the needed carbohydrates that they can use for their energy.

Peas are yet another reason to buy the Canidae Dog Food. This is because peas are a good source of potassium, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, iron, and magnesium. These ingredients work together to giving your Dog an amazing blood, bones, and muscle health. Peas also have antioxidants, particularly Glutathione which helps give your Dog a healthy immune system.

Adding to the ingredients of this Dog Food is chicken liver. Unknown to a lot of people, chicken liver is rich in vitamins like vitamin A for your Dog’s eye health. Also, it has protein which they can use for energy. Its fat content is especially good for Dogs that are underweight.

Though it is known that fat can actually lead a Dog to obesity, that is not going to happen because Canidae puts these ingredients in moderation.

Flaxseed Oil is another healthy component of Canidae adult Dog Food. This ingredient is known to be healthier than fish oil as it contains more omega-3 fatty acids. Amazingly, it is also rich in omega 6. These nutrients all help promote a healthier coat for your Dog, both inside and out. You will notice that your Dog is smarter and more active and also have rich and shiny coat. Flaxseed oil also contains alpha-linoleic acid that promotes a healthy immune system and also has an anti-inflammatory effect on your Dog especially if he suffers from arthritis and other joint pains.

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Grain-free Pure Sea Salmon and Mackerel Formula Adult Wet Dog FoodCustomer reviews

There have already been a lot of customers who vouched for the product’s quality. They immediately noticed the improvement of their Dogs and their overall wellbeing. Here are some of those reviews on Amazon.

One customer said that she had been used to feeding her 3 Dogs grain-free wet Dog Food. And since she has three, it is obviously costly so she tried to look for another Dog Food that has the same quality at a cheaper price.

She then found Canidae and the moment she opened the pack, she was able to smell salmon immediately. She said it was so strong that you would really believe that it is made from real salmon. Plus, her Dogs love it. The smell was not bothersome at all but it actually helped increase the apPetite of her Dogs.

Another customer feeds this Dog Food to her 2 Dogs as a supplement to their evening dry meals. She said that her Dogs have a full tummy overnight and that lets her save a lot.

Still another user says that her Dogs absolutely love this Dog Food. They enjoy their food and are very active.

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Bottom line

Salmon is a great ingredient for your Dog’s food as it is rich in protein and fatty acids. That is why Canidae Dog Food is the best to use for your Dogs to keep them healthy and happy.

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