Grain-free Real Beef Dog Food by Merrick

Price: $$$    Rating: 4.1 stars     Size: 13.2-ounce(12 packs)

Your Dog Food is a necessary part of your Dog’s life and is also a necessary choice you have to constantly make. Having to know which one is the best for your Dog is not a simple task. But Merrick has made that a lot easier for you by creating the Real Chicken Dog Food.Dog Food

By the name itself, its main ingredient is meat which is beef. Its ingredients are all made in the USA so you can be sure that it is safe and healthy for your Pet. Additionally, it is made better because it is grain-free which can help prevent allergies among Dogs. It is not only for young or old Dogs but for all ages of Dogs. And most importantly, it has been infused with DHA to make them healthier.

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Grain-free Real Beef Dog Food by Merrick Ingredients:

The main ingredient of this Dog Food is beef. As already known by many, beef is very rich in iron that helps promote good blood health for your Dogs. Also, beef is a great source of protein which your Dogs need for normal growth. Additionally, beef has lower fat content than pork which means that it is especially suitable for Dogs that are obese.

Among other ingredients is pea. Yes, peas are also found in the Grain-free Real Beef Dog Food by Merrick. This vegetable is very rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers which are great for a healthy digestion. Also, it has vitamins like A and K, potassium and iron for good blood health.

Moreover, phosphorus and magnesium helps your Dog have healthy bones and muscles. And if these are not enough, peas also are known to contain antioxidants like glutathione that gives your Dog’s immune system a lift.

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Grain-free Real Beef Dog Food by Merrick

Grain-free Real Beef Dog Food Customer reviews:

You will know that a product is of good quality based on the reviews done by customers. Here are some of the reviews as they are written on Amazon.

One customer rates this with 5 stars. At the beginning of opening the product, he did not exactly liked how it looked like (he said it looked like vomit. But of course, it’s grain-free wet Dog Food!). However, when he gave it to his Dogs, he was amazed because they actually loved the food. He even said that the pureed consistency of the Dog Food makes it convenient to mix with his Dog’s dry food. In fact, the food is so good that he keeps some extra cans and just gives it to his Dogs as treats.

Another very satisfied customer only has good words for the product. She said that for the past year, she had been trying different brands of Dog Food to give to her Dogs. But recently, her husband bought this Merrick Dog Food brand because it was on sale.

However, she never expected it to be so good. For one, it really smelled like beef. There is no doubt it is made from beef. Secondly, it did not smell disgusting which, for her, is the number one proof of quality.

Thirdly, there is not a waste in this food because you will get a full can of beef for your Dog even if it is wet Dog Food. You are sure to get your money’s value because there is very little water or juice in the can.

Still another customer loves this product because she knows all the ingredients are from the USA. Absolutely nothing comes from China. And she really avoids anything that comes from China.

When it comes to food for his Dogs, this customer loves Grain-free Real Beef Dog Food by Merrick because it does not have too much fat in it. He fears that if he feeds his Dogs with other brands, they might get pancreatitis. So he is sticking to this product from now on.

Still from another customer, he says that this product is especially great for Dogs with sensitive stomachs. His Dogs are eating better now and are actually healthier.

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Bottom line:

Dog Food gives your Dog their needed nutrition. So if you are looking for a great one, then Merrick’s Grain-free Real Beef Dog Food is the right choice for all the right reasons. It has pure beef as its main ingredient and also uses peas and other ingredients to make sure that your Dog gets a balance of all the vitamins and minerals he needs.

This particular product has no recall history and so it is safe for your Dog.

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