Holistic Dog Food: What You Need to Know

What is Holistic Dog Food?

Dogs need a blend of high quality protein, carbohydrates and fats to keep them healthy and active. Dogs, similar to carnivorous of its kind, have sharp teeth and a relatively short gastrointestinal tract best designed to survive on meat.

However, Commercial Packaged Dog foods available at your nearest super market, offers you just the perfect ingredients which would serve as a supplement for raw meat. The Vitamins, minerals, calcium, salt and probiotics have been put together in the perfect proportions thereby ensuring a balanced diet for our carnivores’ friends.


The variants of Dog food comes in two categories – Dry Food and Can Food. While Dry foods deal with variations of Salmon, Quinoa seeds and Pumpkin recipes, rich in Antioxidants, fatty acids and Amino acids, which are known to do wonders at muscle developments.

On the other hand, some of the Dog owners opt for the Can Foods, comprising primarily of Turkey and potato delights. These kinds of food are significantly higher in moisture and would definitely be higher in protein or fat compared the dry offerings. The canned food usually consists of an approximate 30% fruit supplements along with Vegetable extracts decked up with Turkey.

Grain free salmon and chicken might also be used. Trout and sweet potato has been very popular with Dog owners, wanting to gift their dogs, a meal with a fresh taste. Just the meal your dog would love to have. The other variation, that costs you less, is the Frozen or freeze-dried variation. These meals come either in raw or non-cooked form, and are understandably higher in nutrition as compared to the processed foods.

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holistic-dog-food-product-lineVegetarian dog foods have been gradually crawling up the charts. Reports have it that several Dog owners have reported allergic reactions after feeding their dogs with Meat oriented meals. The vegetarian pack key ingredients such as oatmeal, pea protein and potato extracts. Dogs have been our best and loyal friends. It’s time we pamper them with a healthy and tasty meal.

There is also what called as raw dog food. This recommends feeding the dogs with raw meat, vegetables, fruits and fish remains and others. But these have also given rise to illness in dogs. Pet owners are now considering the holistic dog foods.

lame-and-brown-rice-holistic-dog-foodHolistic dog foods mainly aimed at overall wellbeing of the dogs. Many manufactures simply use cheap ingredients such as soy, corn and animal byproducts. This has turned even worse as there are no external agencies that regularly check these organizations. So now you have to do all the research by yourself. Dogs feeding on these foods mainly suffer from gastro enteric problems. Also these might cause allergies and infections.

There are so many dog food companies that label their foods as “Holistic”. But it mainly depends on the ingredients used in making these foods. Reading the nutritional information and the type of preservatives and chemicals is essential in choosing the right type of food.

Also know the food habits of your dog. Feeding inappropriate food can cause hot spots, itchy skin, dry skin, ear infections, and lethargy. So some detective work is always required to pick a right holistic dog food.

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