Hypoallergenic Natural Balance Dog Food

What is Natural Balanced Dog Food?

There are so many dog food products available today. They come in Packets, Cans and Wrappers.

We pet owners are confused about finding the right choice of food for our dogs. Finally we tend to grab some packet of the supermarket rack and add to our cart.

Before doing so you need to consider different types dog foods and their benefits. 

natural-balance-dog-food-02There are Commercial Dog Foods, which often are available in cans. These foods are formulated after research conducted by the food experts hired by dog food manufacturing companies. They consider all types of essential nutrients required for a healthy dog. These manufactured foods have a long shelf life and can be easily served.

Some groups of people have often whined about commercial dog foods making a dog ill. There were times when dogs only had problems when they get old. But feeding dogs with scraps of table food have made them ill like humans.  It is probably the Preservatives, Colorings, and Low Grade Items used in the manufacturing of commercial dog foods has caused these problems.

Dog food companies have responded to these concerns by introducing Organic Dog Foods. These are promised to be naturally raised and untouched by antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives and hormones.

If you are thinking on feeding your dog with commercial dog food then using high Quality Food is essential. Using less expensive foods is likely to affect your dog’s health. The good quality ones will lower the level of health risks and also cut down your veterinary bills.

The Birth of Natural Balanced Dog Food

Then, there are Natural Balance Dog Foods which are raw in nature. It can be yogurt, fruits, whole meat, fish carcasses or vegetables. This actually imitates the food that a dog would have if it were left in wildlife.

Ian Billinghurst, an Australian veterinarian on this matter suggested a diet by the name BARF, acronym for Bones and Raw Food. This is a special diet to overcome the side effects caused by commercial dog foods.

Again these raw foods have their own disadvantages. They can cause illness by bacterial infestations such as salmonella. These affect the digestive system and the splinter of the dog. Giving fresh Raw Food becomes essential if an owner decides on following this diet.

Dog and Growth stage Protein (%) Fat (%)
Puppy 28% 17%
Adult dog 18% 9-15%
Performance dog 25% 20%
Race dog 35% 50%
Lactating dog 28% 17%


natural-balanced-dog-food-rollLastly the natural organic dog food which is actually is in the middle way of BARF diet and the commercial dog food. This suggests the pet owners to feed the dogs which is eatable by humans. Food involves fresh vegetables, cooked meat, starch food and fruits.

To date, there are no proper studies performed on dogs that suggest food affecting the longevity of its life. But there are stories where dogs lived more than their life spans.

Needless to say, you have to give your dog the healthy food that has balanced nutrients. Give it varieties of foods that are digestible and healthy. This means carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins.  Meat, pasta, rice, potatoes, boiled vegetables, and fruits must be the part of the dog’s diet.


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