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Get To Know Innova Dog Food

Following on the trend that says their product to be natural, Innova is a label that tries to be so while also being wholesome and holistic about it in approach. Manufactured by Natura Pet Products, Innova Dog Foods are divided into two kinds: dry and canned, both of which caters for Dogs of many different classifications such as the age, breed, special needs, and weight.


Innova Dog Food ReviewInnovate Dog Food Manufacturer

The Innova Dog Food label was owned and manufactured by Natura Pet Products, a company now owned by Procter and Gamble since its acquisition in 2010. Procter and Gamble since then had officially taken the role as the manufacturer of the Innova Dog Food brand.

However, there is a caveat to this: While Procter and Gamble may be happy with their acquisition, some Innova consumers—prior to P&G’s acquisition—were not as happy given the acquiring company’s track record of using poor ingredients in their products. What these consumers mean by “poor” however is still a matter of debate. Or is it not?

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The Products’ Review

But just as when you think that such consumers who were disappointed with the buyout of Innova were baseless, we take a look at the now new product that is Innova under Procter and Gamble’s handling and see whether the root for disappointment is a hoax or not.

Let us start with the contents.

To date, the Innova brand is known for its advocacy as an all-natural product which does not make use of artificial flavoring, by-products from any animal source, or any filler. It, then, highlight its ingredients as being natural which cumulatively are good sources of essential fatty acids—omega-3 and omage-6—proteins, and fiber, among other essential nutrients. As far as Dog Food goes, these are quality and healthy ingredients to make up for a Dog’s meal.

While some may find concerning, the Innova Dog Food product also makes use of grains as part of its products’ making.

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But it is not just the grains that make the Innova brand concerning soon after it was acquired by Procter and Gamble – the concern was rooted in the implicit changes made with the ingredients used in making Dog Food products under the Innova label, a move Procter and Gamble is known for as seen in its acquisition of yet another Dog Food brand, the Eukanuba, where premium ingredients were replaced with inferior ingredients, incorporated chemicals that are deemed inessential, lowered the volume of each product, and also increased on the products’ prices instead of the opposite for the fact that the actual products were “nerfed” in terms of the nutritional content in the process, not improved.

Innova Dog FoodThose who were aware of what happened to Eukanuba are not surprisingly as concerned when they acquired Innova fearing of the same outcome.

Due to contract reasons, however, Natura Pet do not allow Procter and Gamble to alter on the formula of any of its products but with the caveat that it is the latter who get to decide where the ingredients to be used for the products are sourced, how they are manufactured, and how they are distributed for sales.

While it is yet uncertain at the present whether Procter and Gamble still keeps to its promise or not, one thing is true about Procter and Gamble as a business unit: it has a bad reputation to those who follow on its track records based on business model and transactions as well as known cruelty to animals but also on its method of switching ingredients as it sees fit for any of its acquired products. For those people who have been made aware of the mentioned, to know that Procter and Gamble begun altering the formula for any of its acquired labels is something that no longer surprise.

Presently, the Innova Dog Food is still considered to be above-average in quality with a formula invested on five main ingredients: turkey, chicken, and chicken meal, brown rice, and barley. The first three ingredients are obviously meant as cumulative sources of protein among other nutrients while brown rice and barley were meant for fiber, vitamins, and minerals, among others as well.

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The Caveat

While Innova has had a good foundation as a Dog Food product based on its formula, Procter and Gamble’s acquisition of its back in 2010 truly marred its reputation as a quality Dog Food product and is something that Dog owners fear to this day. Relatively, it is still safe to say that Innova is a brand that is still not much altered to be a concern to Dog owners.

Here is, however, a good tip to all those Dog owners whose Pets are already fond of their Innova meals – monitor the product you are buying for their possible changes in the ingredients.

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