Kirkland Signature Dog Food Review

Is Kirkland Dog Food Worth Buying?

You may have probably been aware of Kirkland Signature because of any of your medication supplements which you personally consume on the daily basis. But Kirkland is a label whose product is more than just for humans as it, too, has its line-up of products for our beloved pets – Dogs.

Kirkland Signature Dog FoodKirkland Company Info

Made by Diamond Pet Foods Inc., a company owned by Schell and Kampeter, Inc., exclusively for Costco retail store, Kirkland Signature Dog Food is a line-up of product intended for the nourishment of the domesticated Dog.

A Look into the Product

If you are a person who is not frequent at Costco, chances are good that you may not know of Kirkland Signature’s Dog Food products due to its exclusivity to Costco as well as its manufacturer’s low advertisement of its products. This makes knowing Kirkland Signature Dog Food products challenging for some, if not surprising.

Luckily, not making things complicated for its consumers, Kirkland has only two general classifications for its rather few selection of Dog Food products: the Signature line-ups and the Signature Nature’s Domain products, the latter of which is the grain-free version of the two.

Generally, most, if not all, of Kirkland’s Dog Foods are meant for Dogs of all ages which make these products a general pick among Dog owners who wanted something that are simply good for their pet Dogs regardless of age group – puppies and adults alike.

Like many Dog Foods of its kind, Kirkland offers variety through its few select recipes for Dog Food yet has a common similarity in having a balanced set of nutrition for the beloved pet.

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Kirkland Dog Food Ingredients

Chief of these nutrients is the protein content of each Dog Food—coming from meat or poultry sources—which are essential for the Dog’s continuing growth and repair of bodily tissues. While comparison may vary, Kirkland Signature’s line-up of Dog Food products is identified to significantly having more concentration of protein than others of its kind.

As a balanced diet for Dogs does not mean having a substantiated protein content alone, the Kirkland Signature Dog food also contains other nutrients that are deemed essential to a Dog’s overall general function and well-being, like carbohydrates coming from grains, specifically brown rice. Known to be healthful as part of man’s daily diet, brown rice is also as healthful for Dogs who need the energy to move around and play a little.

Why brown rice was chosen over white rice is not a matter of just simple preference but of ideal choice – with slower breakdowns and release of sugar in its digestion over white rice, Dogs like humans are less likely to develop diabetes with the use of brown rice for its diet. This is in addition to brown rice’s rich fiber content which does not just help the Dog maintain its weight but also help regulate on its digestive system, both of which are healthful to them.

This is not to mention also of the barley that is contained in every Kirkland Signature Dog Food product that, in line with brown rice, gives your Dog complex carbohydrates that has low glycemic index ideal in maintaining the Dog’s blood sugar level to its moderate level over time.

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Kirkland Signature Dog FoodAdding more nutrients that make up a balanced nutrition for Dog are ingredients in the Dog food such as veggies which are not just a good source of fiber, but of vitamins and minerals as well.

However, instead of adding probiotics into its products, every serving of any of the Kirkland Signature Dog Food product contains brewer’s yeast which promotes their immune system. Yet, this is an ingredient that is also potentially allergic to Dogs.

The Caveat

While poor advertisement may not give the brand a good name in its market, Kirkland Signature is a brand that is already known elsewhere in the market which may give the name familiarity to certain people who may come across some of its products.

The verdict, however, among a few other reviewers is good about the brand and its products which when compared to other premium of its kind, is set at a higher notch on whichever product it’s compared with.

However, also, there is a catch to all of it: because of the inclusion of ingredients that is not 100% non-allergenic to Dogs, Kirkland Signature’s Dog Food products may be risking some sales from Dog owners whose Dogs’ are sensitive to either barley, rice, or yeast.

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