Merrick Dog Food Review

What is Merrick Dog Food?

You are probably looking for the perfect food for your pet and you intend to consider purchasing the popular Merrick Food but you have little or no knowledge about it.

No need to worry because this review solves your crave for information about the product that you are considering whether to spend a dime on it. Merrick Dog Food is one of the most popular brands of Pet food in the US and is based in Amarilo, Texas. It comes in a wide variety of recipes and is suitable for dogs and puppies at whatever stage of their life.

Merrick dog food reviewWhat you need to know about Merrick Dog Food;

Merrick food comes in a wide variety of recipes that give you the option of choosing what suits your needs best. The following is a comprehensive list of the most popular recipes:

  • Merrick grain free version of small breed
  • Puppy recipe
  • Combination of real pork and sweet potato recipe
  • Duck and sweet potato recipe
  • Real lamp and sweet potato recipe
  • Turkey and sweet potato recipe
  • Buffalo and sweet potato recipe
  • Salmon and sweet potato recipe
  • Chicken and sweet potato recipe

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Of all the recipes above, real duck and sweet potato recipe was featured most in this review. This review took a detailed analysis of the ingredients of this recipe and their contribution in making it the number one choice Dog Food product.

1. Duck

Merrick Dog Food contains duck meat as its primary ingredient. This duck ingredient is the one responsible in provision of protein nutrients that are crucial for your dog or puppy ‘s masculine growth.

2. Turkey Meal

This is another ingredient in this recipe that performs that also facilitates the masculinity thing.

3. Salmon meal

This is yet another protein vested ingredient that will make your puppy or dog to gain masculinity.

4. Sweet potato

This ingredient is a very good source of complex carbohydrates which means a lot to that Pet of yours. Not only that, it is very rich in fiber content therefore you don’t have to worry about digestion issues affecting  your lovely Pet saving you time and money that would have been spent in visiting the vet.

5. Chicken

This is yet another featured source of protein in this kind of recipe.

6. Lamb meat

This is a very rich in protein ingredient that can make your puppy maintain or gain masculinity over a short period of time.

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Merrick dog food sizeWhy should you buy Merrick Dog Food?


a.) What experts had to say:

The following opinions both from experts and consumers who have used the product answers the most crucial question one ever asks when carrying out a purchase.

  • All the ingredients come from US farms

All the ingredients come from the US farms. All the food found in this recipe is inspected and certified to have met the standards of USDA.

  • Meat is deboned and healthy made

Not even a single piece contains meat. This saves your puppy’s teeth from falling off until they become strong enough to tear hard stuff.

  • Well tailored recipes to meet diverse needs

The ingredients are tailored in such a way that they solve your exact problem .For example if your pet is a puppy it is given recipes that contain large amount of protein ingredients since puppies are obviously energetic and playful. In case they are fully grown mature wizards then the protein intake has to be lowered.


b.) What customers had to say about this product?

  • One customer said; he loved the Merricks Dog Food because it was high quality and was never watery.
  • Another customer complimented this product saying; ‘I really love it, it is because of it that I have witnessed my puppy grow into such a huge beast.’
  • Other customers had issues that they had clarified
  • One customer categorically wanted to know whether Merricks has ever outsourced its ingredients and the response he got was that the company was using ingredients that were 100 percent from the US.
  • Most customer reviews of Merricks Dog Food were positive except a few that required some clarifications.


The Association of America Feed Control officials described this product as ‘above average’ which is a clear indication that Merricks Dog Food met the required standards set by the regulatory bodies and hence was fit for pet consumption.

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In summary the Merricks Dog Food contains essential ingredients like chicken, turkey, duck  and sweet potato that provide your pet with crucial vitamins that enable him or her to develop masculinity and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Merrick Dog Food is an awesome, and a wise healthy choice for your lovely pet. It doesn’t count what are your pet is or what their breed is because there are quality meals tailor made just for him or her. Most buyers Merrick Dog Food is pleased with this feed and would highly recommend this product to other buyers who may wish to buy the product.

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