Natural Dog Food: Is it Good Enough?

What is Natural Dog Food?

Your Dog might be bored by now, daily eating the same commercial dog food you pour in its tray.

You might have to consider feeding it something different other than the X. Dog Foods are made nutritious but diet wise they are not complete. There are various types of dog foods in the market.

natural-dog-food-dog-eats-ra-wmeatAny of these should at least contain 30% starch, 40% protein, and 30% fiber. So it is essential to know the ingredient ratio before buying any kind of dog food.

Vegetarian Diets are mostly beneficial for the dogs. It would be more suitable if your dog is allergic to Meat. Dog needs protein but not essentially the animal based proteins. So feeding your dog with Natural Vegetarian Foods is advised.

All the Dog Foods need to be added with preservatives to keep them safe from spoiling. But these preservatives not necessarily have to be the artificial ingredients. They can be natural preservatives such as Vitamin E and C. This avoids digestive problems and gives your dog a healthy stomach.

Any good dog food must be made of wholesome ingredients without any use of byproducts. These must be free from grains that are tough to digest like wheat, gluten, corn and soy. Also while purchasing the dog food look for chemical preservatives, colors, sugars and artificial flavors used.

As a matter fact foods made out of cheapest ingredients are not healthy.  A good food must be 100% nutritious and natural. They should have human grade elements. After all, if you can’t eat it, your dog shouldn’t have it either.

Here is a video that will help explain why is it so important to choose the right kind of food for our Dogs:

Preparing natural dog food at home can be time-consuming. But if you really want to do it, you can refer to dog meal recipes on the internet. You can also consult your veterinarian for the Planned Diet.

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But as doctors they might be unaware of animal nutrition. They probably would again suggest you some commercial dog food. Anyway seek your vets’ advice and make sure your dog gets a balanced diet.

natural-dog-food-dog-eats-grassDog’s diet must be changed at some point in time. But it should be done gradually. By doing so your dog’s digestive system has sufficient time to deal with the changes. Here is some kind of algorithm which you can use for gradually changing the food. The new food to old food should be incremented by ¼, 1/3, 2/3, 3/4 proportions. Each proportion should be followed for at least 5 days. For complete shift it would take a month of time.

When you go to a supermarket you find large varieties of Dog Foods with attractive covers. But it is essential to know if they are naturally made with the use of high quality ingredients. So take a look at the nutritional chart and check for the percentage use of ingredients in the food.

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Compare the information with the other packs. This will give you an idea on which dog food is better than the other. The type of dog food also depends on the dog breed. So consult your vet to know the right type of the food for your dog.


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