Ol’ Roy Dog Food Review: Read This Before You Buy

Get To Know Ol Roy Dog Food

Knowing Ol’ Roy as a label, there are a few contradictions about it as a Dog Food Product. One, Ol Roy is a label for Walmart as its Dog Food product yet something Walmart itself does not manufacture – their lineup of Dog Food products is manufactured for them by a real Dog Food manufacturer that is not Walmart by name (pardon the redundancy).

Secondly, while having a bad rap as a product added to that the utter lack of advertisement, Ol’ Roy is a Dog Food product with a wide success throughout the United States for the product’s buy-ability of getting millions sold annually.

Truly, this is the very essence of irony.

Ol’-Roy-Dog-FoodOl Roy Manufacturer

Although known for being Walmart’s, the Ol’ Roy Dog Food Products are actually just manufactured for Walmart by Doane Pet Food which is basically one division of the Mars pet foods which makes animal food products.

Apart from Ol’ Roy, Mars is also known for many other animal food products like Pedigree, another popular brand.

Doane Pet Food is currently headquartered at Brentwood, Tennessee.

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The Product Review

Apart from the supposed anonymity of the Ol’ Roy brand as a Dog Food product, but is not, there are plenty of reasons why informed Dog owners would look down on Ol’ Roy when looking for food for their beloved Dogs.

Similar to Pedigree in terms of the ingredients used in many ways with the connection being that both Ol’ Roy and Pedigree are being manufactured by the same company, to diss on one should also be to diss on the other.

However, the problem with either product is not on their similarities due to the reason that they are being made by the same company but rather more on the issue of their contents—also, not the price.

Price alone, the Ol’ Roy brand is relatively cheaper than its competing products which probably what made it appealing to certain consumers. Why buy an expensive one when you can just buy an alternative at a lesser price, right? Wrong.

As every Dog Food is not similar to another and is not judged base on price alone, an ideal Dog Food is looked upon its contents relative to its price. As for its ingredients, here is a look why Ol’ Roy fails to look premium as a Dog Food brand:

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  1. Corn and corn gluten for protein instead of meat

While there is nothing wrong about plant-based sources for protein, corns are not necessarily the ideal plant-based source of it. For a Dog Food standard, that is a cheap way of sourcing the product’s protein contents, an idea of which may not be appealing for some who wanted the premium ingredients for their Dogs’ meal.


  1. High fructose corn syrup for sweetener

Unless your Dog is especially keen towards sweets for its meal, a high fructose corn syrup ingredient is simply not needed for its poor nutritional content. This is basically just sugar in its semi-liquid form, nothing else.

  1. Synthetic ingredients

For a growing trend that is now leaning towards everything natural, for the Ol’ Roy brand to still make use of synthetic ingredients like artificial coloring and added synthetic vitamin K to the product is a move that goes against such trend which may not go well with Dog owners who follow on such trend.

Artificial coloring aside, a boost on the product’s vitamin K content is rather controversial because of vitamin K’s abundance from certain food sources such as animal liver and fish meats, not to mention the said vitamin’s role in making blood clots.

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However, more concerning about the use of synthetic vitamin K with the product is the potential toxicity for too much dosage of vitamin K to a Dog’s daily diet. Many other Dog Food products do not incorporate such an ingredient for this reason.

Too much vitamin K can potentially cause liver problems to Dogs as well as allergic reactions to it. In fact, synthetic vitamin K is so concerning that very much every country in the continental Europe has banned on its use, even for human consumption.

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