One Smartblend Dry Dog Puppy Food by Purina

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.5 stars

Size: 8 lbs. bag

About the product:

When choosing your Dog’s food, you should never compromise for anything. Your Dog deserves only the best nutrition and so One Smartblend Dry Dog Food by Purina is a great choice. The manufacturer is already very well known in the Dog Food manufacturing market as a maker of healthful Dog Food products. One Smartblend Dry Dog Food by Purina

In this Dog Food in review, only the best ingredients are included to ensure your Dog’s optimum health. It uses chicken meat as its primary meat ingredient for its protein content. It is also enriched with omega-6, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.

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To come up with a nutritious blend of Dog Food, the following ingredients are used.

First ingredient is chicken. Known for its rich protein content, chicken will help build muscles for your Dog. It will also help strengthen his immune system and provide a good amount of energy throughout the day.

Another ingredient is brewer’s rice. Basically, brewer’s rice are smaller bits that come from whole grains of rice which were originally used for brewing alcohol. It is beneficial to your Dogs because it is an type of carbohydrate that is easily digestible. And because it is rich in fiber, it is great for your Dog’s digestive system.

Since it is only a fragment of rice, it may not have much nutritional value; however, it is not bad for cats and Dogs’ diet as they act as a filler as well.

A third ingredient of Purina One Smartblend Dry Dog Food is poultry by-product meal. This ingredient is obtained by grinding certain parts of chicken carcasses like bones, undeveloped eggs and offal. It may also contain some feathers especially those that cannot be avoided during grinding. Such ingredient is found to have high protein content which contributes to your Dog’s overall wellbeing.

One Smartblend Dry Dog FoodStill another ingredient is oatmeal. This ingredient is very high in fiber, making it very beneficial to your Dog’s healthy digestive system. Additionally, it has low calories so it does not expose your Dog to obesity.

In fact, for every cup of cooked oatmeal, there are only 100-130 calories. It also is low in fat which helps prevent high blood pressure in Dogs and clogged arteries.

An added ingredient to this Dog Food is fish oil. Such oil is a healthy kind of fat which is necessary to keep your Dog healthy. For one, it keeps his coat glistening and his skin healthy. Consequently, it prevents shedding. Furthermore, it treats inflammation if there is any and helps keep more inflammation at bay. It increases your Dog’s stamina and improves his immune system as well.

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Customer reviews:

Dry Dog Food by PurinaThere is quite a number of customers who have bought the Purina One Smartblend Dry Dog Food for their Dogs. And these are what they have to say.

Many customers have found that their Dogs are loving the taste of Purina One Smartblend Dry Dog Food. If only they can ask their Dogs for a review, they certainly would so that other Dog owners will also be as satisfied as they are and their Dogs as happy.

Other customers are also impressed by this product primarily because it is made in the US. Therefore, they are sure that it is made from healthy and safe ingredients. Secondly, they know it has no history of recall which means that it passed quality control. Finally, they love the fact that its primary ingredient is meat. These customers rate it with 5 stars.

Still another batch of customers finds this product awesome for their furry Pets because it is affordable. They said that they used to feed their Dogs with some grain-free Dog Food that was high-end and expensive. Then they found this and were very delighted to know that it contains 30 percent protein which is way better than most other Dog Food. And when they fed their Pets with Purina One Smartblend Dog Food, they were not disappointed.

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Bottom line:

No Dog Food is perfect to contain all the necessary ingredients, supplements, and nutrients and sold for a cheap price. But Purina One Smartblend Dry Dog Food comes closest. With its carefully researched mixture, you can be sure that your Dog is getting what he needs everyday just by eating this Dog Food. It has no history of product recall so you can be sure that every bag is checked and filled with only the best.

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