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Get to Know Pedigreee Dog Food

The Pedigree Dog Food is one of the many brands of Dog Foods available in stores. This review will give you a 3-dimensional knowledge of this product so that you make up your mind whether to spend on it. We have based our Pedigree Dog Food Reviewreviews on customers who have used it and also on the opinion of professional specialists that evaluate whether products like this have met the set standards.

One such professional body is the AAFCO which evaluates whether products like this meet the set standards. This is therefore a very honest review that will give you the exact picture of the product you are intending to spend your hard-earned cash on.

The Pedigree Dog Food is actually a line of nine different types of products that come in different recipes that differ slightly more in their ingredient content. The different products are listed below:

  • Adult complete nutrition
  • Active targeted nutrition
  • Puppy complete nutrition
  • Small dog targeted nutrition
  • Large dog targeted nutrition
  • Healthy dog targeted nutrition
  • Healthy weight targeted nutrition
  • Healthy longevity targeted nutrition
  • Sensitive targeted nutrition

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In writing this review, we picked the large dog targeted nutrition as a representation of the other products and this will definitely give you the bigger picture of what other products are based on their ingredient content. When it came to percentage composition analysis, this recipe had 23% protein,26% fat and 51% carbohydrates.

That was pretty below average considering the fact that the major ingredient in Dog Food is supposed to be protein .Actually because of its high carb composition, most specialists tend to see it as a horse food rather than a Dog Food. Well, that might sound a bit funny but that is not our opinion but the specialists’.

Pedigree Dog FoodWhat are the ingredients that make up Pedigree Dog Food?

The following is the list of the total ingredients that make up this recipe:

1. Corn

This is a cereal grain that has been the bone of contention among most people since they argue that it has no nutritional value to a dog but most people still think it is acceptable and is totally harmless to a dog.

2. Poultry by-product meal

This is a meat concentrate and contains 300% protein. It can be very instrumental especially to the growth and development of that puppy of yours.

3. Corn gluten meal

This is said to have a 60% protein composition and therefore contributes significantly to the growth and development of your pet.

4. Animal fat

This ingredient contributes a substantial amount of fat required by your pet. It is prepared by a process known as rendering and has no specific source but can be obtained from multi-sources including beef from cows and pigs. When we have this ingredient coming from anywhere then we can also question its nutritional value.

5. Meat and bone meal

This contributes a substantial amount of Calcium and protein to your pet. This ingredient is instrumental in the growth and development of the bones of your dog.

6. Soybean meal

This ingredient contributes nearly 48% of protein which is essential for body building.

7. Wheat

Wheat has the same ingredients as corn and most specialists scorn this ingredient as they advise that it has no nutritional value to a dog. Actually, they insist that this ingredient best suits horse food not a dog!

8. Chicken by-product meal

This is another meat concentrate that contains about 300% protein hence contributes such a huge amount of protein for your puppy to grow rapidly.

9. Brewers rice

This is a very rich source of carbohydrates and fiber .There are lots of other ingredients that make up this recipe but the above-explained ones are the most critical in judging whether this Pedigree Dog Food suits you.

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The Best Pedigree Dog Food ReviewAre the Pedigree Dog Food ingredients The Best Quality?

Most probably by now you are asking yourself that question. The answer is no, their quality is way too low and if you got an option please consider it, just for the sake of the love you got for your pet.

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What do customers say about Pedigree?

In a certain blog, a customer who had been using this dog blog lamented that this product poisoned one of his dogs eventually died and the other two were left with irreversible damages. Now that you have heard it from the horse’s mouth, we recommend that you avoid this product.

Several other customers lamented that this Dog Food either killed their dogs or left permanent healthy effects on what they treasured most. This review has taken into account everything you need to know about Pedigree and it is our sincere hope that you will find useful and informative.

Based on the above facts, we do not recommend this product just for your own good.

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