Petite Entrees Shredded Medley Wet Grain-Free Dog Food by Wellness

Price: $$$      Rating: 4.2 stars       Size: 3-ounce cup (pack of 24)

Dogs come in different sizes. And their needs depend on these sizes. Small Dogs’ needs are as unique as those of larger Dogs. That is why if your Pet is a small breed, then the Petite Entrees Shredded Medley Wet Grain-free Dog Food by Wellness is the best for him.

Dog food by WellnessThis special Dog Food comes in mini fillets that are so delicious and made only from the best and finest ingredients like green beans, sweet potato, and turkey that are all formulated to provide your Dog what he needs.

It is grain-free and does not contain by-products of meat, soy, wheat and artificial flavours and colors. Instead, it only has 100% balanced nutrition for your Dog.

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Petite Entrees Shredded Medley  Ingredients:

To truly understand the goodness found in this Pet food, it is important to look at the ingredients that compose it.

First and main ingredient of Petite Entrees Dog Food is Chicken. It is common knowledge that chicken is a great source of protein for your Dog. It strengthens their muscles and gives them the energy throughout the day.

Another ingredient of Petite Entrees is chicken broth which is known to be very beneficial to your Dog’s health, specifically on his immune system. Aside from that, it is also great for his digestion and it promotes the use of protein. Also, this Dog Food contains essential minerals that are great for your Dog’s overall wellbeing like calcium.

Petite Entrees Shredded Medley Wet Grain-freeTapioca is another content of this Dog Food. Tapioca is rich in carbohydrates which your Dog can utilize for him to have energy. Also, it is rich in B vitamins as well as in essential fatty acids and calcium and iron.

To add to these ingredients is Pea Protein. Peas are known to be rich in fiber which is great for your Dog’s digestive system. It also has carbohydrates which provide energy for your Dog. Moreover, it has the essential vitamins and minerals which all work together to give your Dog the nutrients he needs. According to research, peas are found to contain antioxidants that protect your Dog from a variety of illnesses including cancer.

Turkey is also found in Petite Entrees Dog Food. What a lot of people don’t know is that turkey is a digestible protein. In fact, it is one that has the most protein punch in terms of caloric intake. It is rich in selenium which has quite a number of supportive properties. Moreover, turkey has properties that also help kill cancer cells.

Since Petite Entrees is a grain-free Dog Food, it uses white sweet potato in each pack. White sweet potato is especially good for Dogs that are overweight because it contains natural phytochemicals called kukoamines that help bring down blood pressure. Also, white sweet potato is rich in flavonoids as well as other phenolic compounds that have antioxidant characteristics.

Chicken liver is also found in this Dog Food. If your Dog is underweight or is growing, then chicken liver is beneficial because it has high contents of fat. To add to that, it is also rich in Vitamin A which is important to your Dog for his good eyesight. There is also protein which every Dog needs to stay healthy.

Green beans are still another ingredient that your Dog can get to enjoy. This vegetable contains magnesium that helps your Dog’s body to absorb and use other minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and other vitamins. Also, green beans are full of dietary fiber which helps promote better digestion. Also, fiber adds volume to the Dog Food helping your Dog consume less and make him healthier.

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Petite Entrees Shredded Medley Wet Grain-free Dog food by WellnessCustomer Reviews

A lot of customers attest to the quality of this Dog Food. One Dog owner says that what he loves most about the product is that it contains carrots as well. He believes that Vitamin C is important to a Dog’s diet because it can help prevent back problems. Also, the food is delicious for his Dogs that there is not a single speck of the Dog Food left in their bowls.

Another customer owns a Chihuahua and she loves every single grain of this Dog Food. According to him, the Dog always looks forward to her dinner at 6PM. She licks her bowl clean and really enjoys the different flavours.

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Bottom line

Healthy Dog Food makes healthy Dogs. This product has no history of product recall and is therefore excellent for your Pet. It has the necessary nutrients for your Dog and it comes in different flavours. With the many satisfied customers, the Petit Entrees is your Dog’s favorite.

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