Puppy Chow Dry Puppy Food by Purina

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.5 stars

Size: 16.5-lb bag

About the Product:

Meeting your dog’s nutritional needs is very important to make sure that he is strong and healthy. This is even truer for puppies that are still in their developmental age. And though people mistakenly think that they can feed their pups just about anything or something that they feed to adult dogs, puppies have unique and special nutritional needs that have to be met so they can achieve their full growth potential. Puppy Food

Thus, Purina has come up with the Puppy Chow Dry Puppy Food that contains all of the essential minerals and vitamins your puppy needs. It is also enriched with DHA to help them become healthier and stronger. Purina also helps your dog’s teeth by adding in phosphorus and calcium.

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To appreciate and understand what this Dog Food can do for your puppies, let us see the primary ingredients used to create it.

1. Whole Grain Corn

To be honest, there are a lot of writings that say that corn is not good for Dogs. However, if given in moderation, it still has a lot of advantages such as carbohydrate content. Carbs are essential to your dog’s energy production so that his body is able to support all his activities throughout the day.

Puppy Chow Dry Puppy Food2. Chicken By-Product Meal

Chicken meat is not the same as chicken by-product meal. The only thing common between the two is that both come from chicken carcasses. While chicken meat includes , obviously, just the meat or flesh, chicken by-product meal, on the other hand, comes from the non-rendered but clean parts of the chicken except for the meat.

It includes the bone, kidney, spleen, lungs, blood, and brain. Though these are cheap by-products, these still have a very high protein content.

3. Brewer’s Rice

Brewer’s rice, to begin with, are the smaller fragments or broken grains of milled rice. These are a very highly-digestible carbohydrate which is essential to your dog’s energy production. Aside from that, it is also rich in fiber which is also another essential of your dog’s digestive system. Also, the fiber will keep your dog full.

4. Fish Oil

Fish oil may seem to many as just for human consumption. However, that is not true as fish oil is also as beneficial to your dogs. For one, it gives your dog a healthier skin as well as a shiny coat. Consequently, it helps prevent shedding. Also, this healthy oil strengthens his immune system and if he has any inflammations, fish oil helps treat them.

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Puppy Chow Dry Puppy Food by PurinaCustomer reviews:

Through the reviews of customers who have bought the Purina Dog Food for their puppies, it has been found out that it is indeed healthy and nutritious for your dog.

A lot of customers who have small and large breed dogs find it expensive when they have to buy various Dog Food packages for all of them. But they found out that if they use Purina Puppy Dog Food for them, they are actually all of those in just one Pet food bag! Their small dogs’ poop is normal and the bits of the Dog Food are easy to chew for their small teeth.

Also, the large breed dogs have better energy compared to when they were fed other brands.

Still, some other customers have found that their puppies enjoy eating this brand of Dog Food. Their coats are shiny, and their poop is normal. They are happier and very active.

A lot of these customers find the product reasonably priced. Instead of them buying the expensive brands, they opt to buy Purina dry puppy food because it contains the same necessary ingredients but is sold at a relatively lower price.

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Bottom line:

What makes Purina Puppy Chow Dry Puppy Food the best that you can give your dogs is the fact that its ingredients are very healthy and they are limited to help avoid allergies. There has been no history of product recall because every bit of the Dog Food that gets inside each bag has been produced under a very keen quality assurance team.

You are sure that your dog is getting everything he needs and more and that he is able to reach his full development.

So search no more and grab your own Purina puppy food today and make your furry Pet enjoy his meal.

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