Raw Dog Food: Does It Cure Dog Allergies?

How Raw Dog Food Started?

Wild Dogs by nature prey on animals and eat them raw. Considering this many believe feeding their domesticated pets with raw food would positively influence their health and habits.

raw-dog-food-pork-ribs-hypoallergenicRaw Dog Food is increasingly becoming popular among the pet owners. Now they are being massively produced by many dog food companies. People consider the raw food as more nutritional and less reliant to chemical additives and preservatives. Result expected is healthier and happier dog. But feeding your dog with raw dog food has its own pros and cons.

What are the benefits of Raw Dog Food?

1. Feeding a dog with raw food enhances its appearance.- It will develop a shiner and furry coat.

In reality, the Dog Foods produced by companies do not have all the nutrients. Even if they do these are available in complex forms which are tough to digest and absorb.

However most of the foods are rich in oil which promotes the shiny coat. Raw foods containing oils will help your pet to develop a shiny coat.

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2. Processed Food mainly affects the metabolism of the Dog These foods require more time for digestion and absorption. Whereas raw food gets easily digested and absorbed, so your dog stays more energetic by following a raw diet.

fresh-slamon-raw-food-for-dogs3. Raw food toughens the dog teeth and keeps them clean – This happens when you give your dog bones to chew. The bones rub against the teeth and remove the plague. Also the teeth and gums are strengthened avoiding the problems of decay.

4.  Dogs are more excited towards eating Raw Food than the supermarket Pet Food- This avoids appetite problems and keeps them energetic. Raw food is rich in fibers, this aids digestion and bowel movement.

It promotes active secretion of digestive enzymes and gastrointestinal juices.

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What are the Disadvantages of Raw Dog Food?

1. Raw food can infest bacteria and this may cause health problems in the Dog.- Like humans Dogs get affected by bacteria, dogs similarly have issues. This can be avoided by feeding your dog with fresh meat from your local butcher shop.

ground-pork-raw-hypoallergenic-dog-food2. When the dog chews the bones, it can swallow the slivers.- These can cause problems in the organs by minute punctures. Also cracks of bones in the mouth can bleed the gums and make teeth painful.

So avoid giving your dog brittle bones which can form sharp edges while munching.

3. Along with feeding your dog with raw food be sure to provide supplement nutrients and vitamins for a balanced diet. –If you are feeding you Dog with raw for a prolonged period of time if can experience deficiencies.

So giving other nutrients along with it is necessary. This way, your dog stays happy and healthy.


raw-dog-food-lamb-legRaw Food is good unless it is fed fresh and clean. Another suggestion is where feeding the dog with human eatable food is advised. This ensures that food is clean, healthy and nutritious.

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Sample week raw food:

Breakfast Chicken dinner Ground beef Ground lamb Ground tripe Ground tripe Ground Beef
Lunch Beef dinner Ground lamb Ground tripe Beef Trail Beef Neck Bone Ground Chicken
Dinner Chicken dinner Ground beef Ground Lamb Ground Tripe Ground Chicken Ground mackerel






Here are some Useful Videos showing various methods of Preparing Raw Dog Food:

Credits to the owner of this Video: Menu from Mars

Credits to the owner of this Video: snorable 


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