Royal Canin Dog Food Review

Royal-Canin-Dog-FoodThe Brand Behind Royal Canin

Developed by the same company that was founded in France sometime in 1968 by a veterinarian by name of Jean Cathary, Royal Canin is a brand that has long been in the business of feeding Dogs for a few centuries now and still continues to do so with its line-up of Dog Food products.

The founding of this brand that now provides our beloved pets a meal they like was begun on a simple vision that a good pet company—such as now Royal Canin—must be built on the principle of genuine concern towards pets rooted in research about them which involves knowing what these pets are, how they are respected, and knowing the foods they truly love.

Part of understanding this principle is to understand that our domesticated pets are not inherently humans and are thus must be sustained differently of their needs.

Royal Canin believes that a pet’s needs—specifically in this case, a Dog—must be prioritize over the whims of their owners when it comes to nutrition – thus, the birth of the Royal Canin Dog Food products.

For a company heavily invested towards developing the best Dog Food products, Royal Canin’s products for Dogs are well-researched and well-funded. While originally started operation in Southern France, Royal Canin’s marketing has already reached other shores. Specifically in the US alone, Royal Canin’s manufacturing plants are scattered across the country which reflects the success of the brand.

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Royal-CaninWhat’s in Royal Canin Dog Food?

As a leader in the Dog Food business, Royal Canin is one which does not follow on the known trend and fad but rather debunks on the myth and stand on its own beliefs. When many brands follow on the idea that grains and meat by-products are harmful to pets, Royal Canin begs to disagree and uses science to back its claim.

Specifically in Royal Canin’s Dog Food Products, Dog owners should expect the following ingredients and why:

  • Grains

While allergies and food intolerances do occur among pets, especially dogs, to put the blame among grainy ingredients was pretty much baseless in terms of the evidence which supports the claim.

Unlike the belief that grains have no nutritional value as food for Dogs will find that the fact about the idea is the complete contrary – grains are a healthy source of needed nutrients to a canine diet. There are even evidences to suggest that Dog Foods without grains contain less nutrients than those with grains (such as corn).

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  • By-products

By-products are basically clean chicken internals such as organs, bones, cartilages and other parts that are all grounded in powder form which are then used as part of a Dog Food.

While often explicitly “demonized” by other brands as being unhealthful for being part of the Canine Diet, Royal Canin adds them in their products for their contribution about nutrients that are deemed beneficial to our pet Dogs.

Debunking Another Myth About Weight and Protein Content

While many other companies are using “weight” as the basis on how “rich” or otherwise an ingredient’s protein content is, Royal Canin debunks the myth with the idea that while ingredients such as chicken meat may pack a lot of protein, its weight is not necessarily correlated to the protein content. This was best exemplified in the idea that chicken meat, dried out of its water content and removed of unwanted fats, may still be relatively lighter in terms of weight than its still watered and fat-intact counterpart, but nonetheless contains more protein in it.

Royal Canin Versus Other Brands

For a company that has been in operation for business since the late 1960’s, Royal Canin is a tried-and-tested brand that has seasoned the times with the ever-changing market in the Dog Food business. Many brands may have already preceded it and many countless others start to rise, but the Royal Canin brand remains strong in its dedication to sustain our Pets the food they need and love.

A company known for its staunch belief and unwavering way of doing things they know best for our pet, Royal Canin is a leader that do not follow the trend but rather make it for others to follow. However, it only does so base on the brand’s own personal research and experience about Dogs and whose endeavor it follows on to this day – even improve on its own knowledge-base in line with others.

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Overall, Royal Canin is a brand you can surely trust. With a combination of effective marketing, solid consumer fan base, as well as a belief that let it stands on its own—but most importantly, Dog Food products that are effective for canine diet—Royal Canin has all the making of a winning brand every Dog Owners will feel comfortable about for their pets, Dogs.

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