Solid Gold Dog Food Review

What is Solid Gold Dog Food?

Having been in business of feeding Dogs with premium quality Dog Food since the 1970’s, Solid Gold Dog Food has already built unto itself a reputation among Dog Owners when choosing for a quality feed for their Dogs.

Nowadays, however, the company has grown to be worldwide in proportion given its scope of operation as well as on its growing diversity in Dog Food and Dog Supplement products which have established a solid customer base.

Solid-Gold-Dog-FoodA Little Bit of the Company Background

The Solid Gold brand was founded by a person who loves and has passion about caring for Dogs himself – a Great Dane breeder. Currently based in El Cajon, California, the Solid Gold Dog Food Products are manufactured and supplied globally by Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, Inc. Showcasing its worldwide success as a Dog Food brand, Solid Gold has diverse distribution centers across many cities all around the world.

However, as of recent, there is already an exception on one of its products in terms of which company produce it – the “dry foods” variation is now being produced by an affiliate company, Diamond Pet Food, for Solid Gold albeit implicitly so.

There is not yet an open disclosure as to the direct relation between two manufacturing companies apart from the controversial issue of products recall from Diamond Pet Food which also consequently happened with Solid Gold.

See the relation between the two based from the controversy alone?

A Look into the Similarities of the Products

Now having plenty of variations among its products, Solid Gold Dog Food products differ from one another in terms of the ingredients used to produce each. While looking into each product is possible, that is a topic separate from this article.

This article, however, tackles on what are the common ingredients used across the many Dog Food products under the Solid Gold brand.

Primary to the Solid Gold Dog Food products are its protein which can be either sourced from bison meat, chicken meat, lamb meat, beef, and ocean fish. Nothing out of the ordinary, these meat sources are not what you would consider exotic, with only the sole exception on the bison meat.

While not necessarily containing the same amount of protein, each of these meat sources are genuinely rich from protein regardless whether more or less from the other.

Supplementing on the meat-sourced protein, other sources of protein such as that from peas, rice bran, and dried eggs, are also included into the product in order to boost on an already existing protein content from the meat sources used in any of the Solid Gold Dog Food product.

Solid-GoldThe next essential component of the Solid Gold Dog Food is carbohydrates which gives the needed energy and vigor for Dogs as sourced from plants like barley, brown rice, oatmeal, potatoes, quinoa, and tapioca.

More than just carbs, the mentioned sources of carbohydrates also contain nutrients apart from the already mentioned such as vitamins and minerals, both of which are responsible to the Dog’s overall general function and well-being.

But if you are wondering where is the healthy fats in this Dog Food product, you will rest assured that this, too, contains a good deal of Omega-3 fatty acids coming from Canola Oil, however controversial this oil may be as well.

Assuring you of its safety and quality as a feed for your Dog, products under the Solid Gold label are AAFCO-approved for every Dog’s life stages.

Yet amazingly, the Solid Gold Dog Food products are also generally artificial preservatives-free and can be as close to, if not already, an all-natural product using only natural ingredients in its making. This means no kind of known artificial preservatives were used to prolong the shelf life of the product nor are there artificial flavorings used to spice it up – everything used in making this Dog Food is sourced from natural sources, from the meat up to the vegetables in it.


Without a solid foundation in its consumer base and worldwide success, Solid Gold may be a brand unknown to us today – but is not. This only tells us how successful this brand is if it managed to keep up with the demands of Dog owners as consumers of Dog Food products such as this.

For a brand that provides strict attention to Dog’s needs through proper nourishment and its staying away from whatever may potentially cause allergy and intolerance to Dogs by keeping its products as all-natural as possible, Solid Gold is a brand that truly cares for your Dog’s needs and something any Dog owners may trust when feeding their pet.

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