Solid Gold Holistic Wet Dog Food

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Size: 4 x 3 x 3 inches ; 13.2 ounces

About the Product

Solid Gold Holistic Wet Dog Food  is what we call the mother of all Dog recipes that has a huge personality within. The chicken in this Dog Food  is homegrown in a small town in the United States of America that can really give your Dogs and puppies stronger muscles that they can use in their daily hyper activities. Solid Gold Holistic Wet Dog Food  not just contain chicken which gives a leaner muscle for our Dogs but it also has brown rice and healthy whole grains that is a very good factor for a faster and healthier digestive system.

Smile DogThe fiber found in the latter ingredients covers all the unhealthy fats inside your Dog’s stomach and bring them out for a firmer stool and that’s a very good sign for our Dogs. This product has all the nutrients your Dog needs to unleash the roaring gold inside them that hides for a very long time.

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A good Dog Food  relies on the ingredients inside. Let’s see what main ingredients we can found on this one:

Chicken, like what we’ve discussed above, this is the main ingredient of this Dog Food . It gives our Dogs the protein they need so that they will have the energy they can use for everyday activities. It helps other nutrients to build your Dogs a leaner and stronger muscle.

Flaxseed, this certain ingredient is the main source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids that make your Dog’s heart a lot healthier than before. This omega 3 fatty acid helps our puppies’ heart beat normally, unclog any clogged blood and it also gives their heart the force to pump blood cells a lot healthier.

Dried Egg Whites, this ingredient is also a source of healthy protein and some nutrients where you Dogs can also get energy for their everyday activities.

Solid-Gold-Holistic-Wet-Dog-FoodCranberries and Blueberries, these fruits like we all know, are sources of good and healthy nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is the best vitamin that your Dog can get on these fruits. It helps them to prevent airborne diseases like colds, cough and other viruses that can make them feel sleepy.

Calcium Iodate, this ingredient gives your Dog stronger bones for everyday running activities. Not only for stronger bones but also for stronger teeth so they can eat any meat and chew them easily. Calcium Iodate is an ingredient that is really a good combination partner of chicken which gives protein because they both have nutrients that can give your Dog the energy and strength for everyday activities.

Salt, this is not just a simple condiment on food but it is also an important ingredient in this product. It not just gives the Dog Food  a salty taste but it is also a natural preservative that is a good thing for our Dogs. It means that our Dogs will not eat handful of preservatives in their food.

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Solid-Gold-HolisticCustomer Reviews (Based on Verified Amazon Reviews)

A group of Dog owners reviewed this product and they’re very happy about it. They have 2-3 Dogs each and they eat anything you offer to them. But the time they added a tablespoon of Solid Gold Holistic Wet Dog Food  in the dry food of their Dogs, it made them a lot more energized than before. Their Dogs always eat the food and they are not leaving a single kibble in their eating plates.

Another group of Dog lovers are also very happy about this product, their Dogs became faster on running and their stools are a lot firmer than before. Their Dogs also started to be more active and a lot more energetic. They always bark when their Dogs sees them and they always play on the lawn; running and playing with their chew toys.

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Bottom line

If you want your Dog to be a lot more energetic and bring its gold outside, Solid Gold Holistic Wet Dog Food  is the best product that you can choose for your lovely and cute Dogs. This product will not just give them more energy but also a lot more protection from airborne diseases and a healthier heart, bones and teeth. It also has fewer preservatives that are a good thing so you can less worry for your Dog’s natural health.

So if your Dog really needs some push of energy, Solid Gold Holistic Wet Dog Food  is the best Dog Food  choice that you will ever make. Don’t let the low energy of your Dog stop you from playing along with it, bring out the gold in them and live a happy life with the ultimate man’s best friend.

However, the Solid Gold Dog Food  collection has a product recall of Diamond Pet Food.

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