What are the Top Dog Food Websites?

Searching for the Perfect Dog Food for your pet can be a daunting task. Thankfully, the internet makes everything simpler, especially when you’d like to find a review for a specific product.

Instead of gambling your resources with a brand you aren’t sure of, it’s best to get the advice of pet owners and experts first.

If you aren’t sure about where to start, this list of Websites will help you in your quest for the perfect Dog Food:

1. Dog Food Advisor

dog-food-advisorThis site does a good job at breaking down the main ingredients of a specific product.

Each one is properly commented on, especially in terms of how Dogs would benefit from the nutrients that are present in a certain Brand of Dog Food.

If you’re conscious about what goes into your Pet’s diet, then Dog Food Advisor will help you greatly. The amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat greatly determine the rating that the site gives to a product.

This site is founded by Mike Sagman and if you read the Articles the site has, you can tell that this guy Loves Dogs and he know what he’s talking about.

2. The Dog Food Project

the-dog-food-projectThe team behind this site can attest to the way some Dog Food manufacturers tend to deceive their clients into buying their products.

Many often assume that pet owners don’t have the time to go through ingredients lists in order to find out the truth.

With the help of The Dog Food Project, pet owners will be able to better understand the different ingredients that go into commercial dog foods nowadays.

The site is a great resource of articles from important topics like how to properly inspect labels to choosing the right brand for your new Pet.

3. Pets At Home

pets-at-homeIf you’re looking for a safe site to Shop for Dog Food, then this is a great place to start. Pet Owners can rest assured that the team behind the site actually knows their stuff.

Each member was properly briefed in the basics of Animal Nutrition, so any queries coming from clients will be answered thoroughly.

Aside from receiving awards for its services, this retailer boasts of being environmentally friendly and charitable.

Also, most of the products available on the site have customer reviews that potential clients would find useful while shopping online.

4. All About Dog Food

all-about-dog-foodThough the site is fairly new, it is worth checking out if you would like to learn more about properly handling your Dog’s Diet.

It has a good list of notable features: a Dog Food search engine, a Dog food directory and a dog food comparisons page. These are quite helpful during the process of choosing the right brands to add in your dog’s diet.

The founder is passionate about changing the attitude of pet owners when it comes to purchasing Dog Food.

Since most manufacturers settle with producing sub par products for pets, it becomes difficult to choose a brand that can be trusted.

5. Happy Dog Food

happy-dog-foodDo you have a hard time trusting most commercialized Dog Food Brands nowadays?

More and more Pet owners have come to feel the same way. If you don’t want to risk adding anything that’s full of fillers in your pet’s diet, then why not go for a Homemade Brand of Dog Food?

Happy Dog Food is one example. The brand guarantees that all its products are free of preservatives and additives that could be detrimental to your pet’s health.

Happy Dog Food has three main recipes: original, Grain-Free and expresss. Each one serves a different purpose depending on the pet owner and dog’s needs.

6. PetMD

pet-mdIt’s important to be well-informed about your Dog’s Diet and Health.

If you want to make sure that your pet is always in tiptop shape, then you have to read up on the right articles.

PetMD has an extensive list of tools and write-ups that are beneficial to responsible pet owners.

Know about the most important elements to a healthy diet in order to improve the quality of life of your Dog.

7. Dog For Dog

dog-for-dog-websiteIf you interested in giving your Dog a healthy diet while saving other animals in need, then you should definitely try Dog For Dog’s products.

All ingredients that go into their food are Natural.

Also, one of the site’s missions is to help out in the rescue operations of neglected pets.

Every time a purchase is made, an item is donated to a less fortunate Dog.

8. My Itchy Dog

my-itchy-dog-siteAs the title suggests, this site is for pet owners who have Dogs that are prone to skin problems.

It is quite helpful because it has a wide range of natural remedies and Healthy Dog Foods that would suit the diet of a sensitive dog.

It serves as a great way to better understand the plight of these Dogs while finding a solution to their problems.

9. Not In The Dog House

not-in-the-dog-house-websiteThis site has been around for more than a decade. It’s full of first-hand information on properly keeping a Dog as a pet.

Some of the topics that are being discussed on the site are proper training, health and behavior.

It even has a list of food items that shouldn’t be incorporated in a Dog’s Diet. It’s a great place to go to educate oneself on the needs of pets.

10. Gourmet Doggie Diner

gourmet-doggie-dinerShopping for a Good Dog Food Brand for a pet that has a weak stomach and skin problems could be tedious.

Gourmet Doggy Diner simplifies the process by listing products that are guaranteed to be safe to feed to Sensitive Dogs.

All the brands listed are free of preservatives, additives and grains. Since most of the allergy-inducing ingredients have already been singled out, pet owners can easily browse through products that would fit the needs of any Dog’s palate.

Many good things can come from giving dogs a proper diet.

Hopefully, this list will be able to guide pet owners on how to properly transition a Dog into eating healthier.

This isn’t possible without properly learning about the basics of Dog Food and Nutrition, so reading up on the many resources that can be found online is important.