Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Turkey & Oatmeal Natural Dry Dog Food


 A Tasty Turkey  & Oatmeal Natural Dry Dog Food

Not all Dogs are the same and hence are divided into different breeds. For the sake of simplicity, let us just categorized them into two: some big, some small.

Big dogs like Rottweilers, given their relative larger size than their smaller counterparts, require a relatively larger amount of nutrition which possibly also meant foods of greater volume.

Wellness-Complete-HealthLikewise, smaller breeds like a Shit Tzu require smaller amounts and is often made bite-sized for them to easily chew and swallow yet nonetheless provide the right nutrition in order to attain optimum health for the small pet.

Why feed your pet the right amount of food according to size?

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If you have a big dog, chances are the foods it will take would be commensurate to its stomach size. Too little food would make it irritable, if not underweight over time. It’s food amount must be sufficient while also not necessarily excessive.

 The same is also true about small dog pets.

However, the most obvious difference between dog sizes is, apart from the volume that they eat, is the size and quality of the food they are having.

It is therefore with importance that you give your pet the right food suitable for its body size.

Ideal Dog Food for the Smaller Breeds

You know you are feeding your pet dog wrong when its growth deviates, even for a little, to what is ideal especially in body size. Dogs while certain breeds would have a lot of fats, is not always the perfect build. Healthy Dogs are supposed to be lean.

Wellness-Complete-Health-Small-Breed-02One way of keeping your pet dog healthy by being lean is to provide it a diet that contains a good portion of protein in addition to its other needed nutrients like vitamins, minerals, probiotics, carbohydrates, and some essential fatty acids coming from fish-sources like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

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With special consideration to these small pets’ common problems in hips and joints, their food should also contain the following ingredients glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate to help maintain healthy hips and joints.

Fitting the bill as the perfect diet for any small dogs is the Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Turkey & Natural Dry Dog Food.

Every serving of the Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Turkey & Natural Dry Dog Food ensures your pet a well-balanced nutrition, ideal body mass, an overall healthy vitality, good nutrient absorption, and a healthy digestive system.

Customer Reviews

Still a lot to prove as is likely having been recently introduced into the Amazon despite having been into the market for far longer, Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Turkey & Natural Dry Dog Food had, by far, been liked by two of three unique buyers of the product for their dogs.

Two reviewers gave it a 4.5-star rating as a reflection on how the food is liked by their pet dogs while the remaining reviewer gave it a 1-star rating because of the contrary reason.




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