Wellness Dog Food Review

Wellness Dog Food: Is It Worth Buying?

You are considering on buying the right nutritional supplements for your lovely pet and you have seen this advert on Television about wellness Dog Food or maybe you heard about it from a friend. Probably this is the first time you are trying the product which could be maybe due to the fact that this your first time with a pet or possibly you have tried other similar products much to your dissatisfaction.

If you are going to read this review then you are going to Wellness dog foodgain a lot of valuable information about why you need to try this product.

Wellness Dog Food comes in a variety of recipes:

  • Wellness meant for seniors.
  • Toy breed seniors
  • Large breed Adult
  • Large breed puppy
  • Small breed senior
  • Toy breed adult
  • Small breed puppy
  • Adult lamb and barley
  • Toy breed healthy breed weight
  • Adult chicken and oatmeal
  • Small breed healthy weight
  • Adult whitefish and sweet potato
  • Small breed Adult Turkey and Oatmeal
  • Small breed Adult whitefish, Salmon meal and Peas

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In this review Large Breed Adult formulae was used to represent other recipes of Wellness Dog Food. One can choose the type of recipe that suits his or her pet best depending on the advice from a vet specialist or maybe external factors such as temperature and etc.

The best way to assess this Large Breed Adult Formulae is to analyze the ingredients that it is made up of and their effect on your pet.

It must be noted that this recipe consists 26 percent of protein, 27 percent fats and 47 percent of carbohydrates.

The following is the fully detailed list of the ingredients and everything you need to know about those ingredients.


When raw, chicken consists about 80 percent of water .However, after being cooked only a fraction of the original portion is left.The importance of this ingredient is to mainly provide protein for the body building of your pet.


Just like its predecessor, it also contains 80 percent of water when raw and obviously when exposed to high temperatures during the cooking process, the mass decrease to a fraction of the original portion. The nutritional value of this ingredient is chiefly protein supplements and some little fat.

3.Chicken meal

When it comes to chicken meal, it is hilarious that it has about 300 percent meat concentration and even surpasses chicken ingredient in terms of protein content. Chicken meal therefore is a very rich source of protein for your pet.

4..Ground brown rice

This is considered to as the perfect substitute for wheat flour. This ingredient is a rich source of carbohydrates, a much-needed nutrient for your pet.


Very rich in fiber content, this substance is also a good source of vitamin B- which are direly needed by your pet.


This ingredient is also very rich in fiber. Besides it is a very good source of carbohydrates which are very crucial for your pet.


A very good source of fiber, it is also very rich in carbohydrates. Besides that, it is considered to very prestigious in terms of nutrients especially to a dog.

8.Tomato pomace

It is considered as a very rich source of fiber and other countless nutrients. However, most nutritionists have questioned its role in this recipe as they term it to be a not necessary nutrient or in other words it is a nutritional filler.

9.Salmon meal

This is another rich source of proteins.

10.Chicken fat

This ingredient is obtained from a process known as rendering chicken and is known to be very rich in linoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acid which is a very rich nutrient supplement. It is considered to be a high-quality ingredient.

Having looked at its ingredients analytically, let us now look at what consumers and health specialists had to say about wellness Dog Food.

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Wellness dog food reviewa.)Does wellness Dog Food meet the quality standards set by the nutritional and health experts?

The answer is yes. This is because this product is approved by the AAFC(Association of American Feed Control)

b.)What did consumers who have used the product before comment about it and how did they rate it?

A good number of customers liked the wellness Dog Food.one of them praised the product saying ‘I recently started giving my dog wellness diet and she really loved it’

Another customer said ‘I really love it, no allergy for my dog cooper’

However, other a few customers complained that the food didn’t work well with their pets due to some reasons but generally most customers really liked the supplement.

Averagely, wellness Dog Food was rated 5  star by some  customers especially those who took toy breed adult recipe and maintained a rating of 4 star in its several recipes.

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The wellness Dog Food is an awesome dog feed that needs to be tried out by any of those guys who love pets. Other customers who have previously used the product highly recommend the product for people who have not tried it yet.

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