Weruva Grain Free Canned Dog Food 12 Flavor Variety Pack

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Size: 14.2 x 1.5 x 10.5 inches ; 5.5 oz

About the Product

Weruva Grain Free Canned Dog Food 12 Flavor Variety Pack is a compilation of quality Dog Foods with different types of flavors and nutrients but with the same manufacturer. This is a very good deal with Weruva because you can feed all of these to your Dog to know if what works best. Your Dog will be so happy to have this pack because it will not be devastated of the same flavor every meal that your Dog is eating.

white dogThe different flavors give your Dog the ability to taste different variation of consistency, thickness and smell the product itself. Weruva Grain Free Canned Dog Food 12 Flavor Variety Pack contains the nutrients and energy that your Dog needs for its everyday activities.

Like other Dog Food, this product can boost the energy level of your Dog, make its muscles leaner and stronger and it can make your Dog happier and better. This Dog Food is grain-free and so you will not worry if your Dog will have allergies or some illnesses.

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This variety pack consists of different cans of Dog Food. I will not discuss all of the ingredients each can but the main ingredients in all of them so let us start unveiling what this pack contains:

Canned Dog FoodIn all the cans of Weruva Grain Free Canned Dog Food 12 Flavor Variety Pack, Chicken is the number one ingredient. Like what we’ve discussed on other Dog Food reviews, this certain ingredient gives the protein that our Dogs need. The protein punch of this ingredient gives your Dog the ability to fully control its body whenever it is running, barking or playing with us, the owners. You can really feel the hyper aura of your Dog when it’s eating protein-packed meals.

You can also find some fish ingredients in this variety pack like salmon and tuna. These two ingredients are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is so good with the heart. It makes our Dog’s heart pump like a master normally and make the bloodstream flow faster. This normal flowing and pumping inside our Dog’s body gives them the ability to prevent sprains, blood clot, and many more blood or internal organs problems.

This is ingredient is not that much popular but very important one, peas. This ingredient is a very good source of fiber. If your Dog is allergic with grains, corns or even soy which are good sources of fiber, your Dog can evenly get fiber and carbohydrates in peas. See what I mean? Even a small ingredient like a pea can give that much nutrient on our Dogs. Fiber can help your Dog’s digestion to be a little faster so its metabolism will faster too.

Potatoes, this ingredient is a very good source of carbs. Carbohydrates will give your Dogs and puppies the energy they need to face their everyday activities happily and full of strength.

Lastly, the main ingredient that I can really notice in the Weruva Grain Free Canned Dog Food 12 Flavor Variety Pack is the gravy. Like peas, gravy is not that much noticeable in a Dog Food because we’re just looking at the solid ingredients only. Gravy makes your Dog’s food creamy and easy to eat. Without gravy, your Dog will have a hard time eating those Kibbles without putting their face on their Dog plate. Gravy is made of different ingredients, with carbohydrates and some natural condiments for a better Dog living.

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Weruva Grain Free Canned Dog FoodCustomer Reviews (Based on Verified Amazon Reviews)

A group of satisfied customers once reviewed this variety pack a godsend product for their Dogs. After their Dogs eating this product, they are not going back to the vet weekly. This is truly a very good product according to them. Their Dogs can eat normally now without anything to worry about like allergies.

Another group of happy customers said satisfactorily that their Dogs didn’t have any seizures after eating this Dog Food after a week. Their Dogs can now run after a long period of time of being cautious about the seizures.

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Bottom line

If you want a Dog Food that will not trigger your Dog’s allergies, this product is right for your Dog. I will not just hit the points of your Dog that will make it happier and livelier; it will also make you (the Dog owner) blessed and happy. Your Dog will have more friends when you’re walking with it and it will make it more fabulous than ever.

However, there are no recalls for this variety pack.


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